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Inspired Magical Effects
by Charles C. Eastman

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Inspired Magical Effects by Charles C. Eastman

Like the title says, this collection of excellent effects will inspire you to become a better magician. Magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman has compiled a dozen great magical mysteries that you will enjoy performing. There's something here for performers of all skill levels. Contributors include Bob Weill, Harry Valcarte, Will Ross, R. S. Bailey, James D. Taylor, and more.

From the introduction by T.A. Whitney:

Eastman has embraced his role as compiler by including only top-notch effects; there’s no filler here. While you'll no doubt have your own favorites among them, the ones that I found to be of special value include “The Ace Is Still on Top” and “Transposition Extraordinary.” I'm also going to work up “Wade's Whispering Knot” to try on an unsuspecting audience in the near future.

Here's a look at the contents:

  • Introduction
  • Capper Card Deal
  • My Sucker Handkerchief Trick
  • Mental Coincidence
  • Bananas, Please
  • That's the Way (Weigh)
  • The Ace Is Still on Top
  • Wade's Whisper Knot
  • Thimble to Silk
  • Triple Color Change
  • You Won't Believe It's So!
  • With a Thornton Reel
  • Transposition Extraordinary
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Recommended Titles

"A series of clever effects by up-to-date performers." - Leo Rullman

1st edition 1934, PDF 37 pages.
word count: 9687 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text