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Farewell Performance
by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC


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Farewell Performance by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC
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"Your wonderful book is entertaining, informative and inspiring. It is written in the humorous, intellectual style that is so uniquely yours ... You will live on in the history of Magic - forever." - Siegfried and Roy

These routines are taken from Punx's full evening show. This material is not only audience-tested, it is the material that one of the greatest magicians of the twentieth century used to earn a living. It is not a book for beginners. Some of the routines have only partial explanations. This is because most of this material consists only of presentations, many of them for standard tricks. There is also much material on the theory of magical performance.

(Translated from the German by Bill Palmer.)

1st edition 1991, 1st digital edition 2013, 168

Table of Contents

  1. Translator's Preface to the E-Book
  2. Punx — the Revolutionary Magician
  3. Of False and Real Magicians
  4. Publisher's Preface
  5. Translator's Introduction

    The Actor

  6. Eternal Longing — a Very Short Biography
  7. And Why "Punx," Mr. Hanemann?


  8. The Candle Holder from the Temple of Solomon
  9. Style in Magic: Some Thoughts About a Problem

    Part 1 Cagliostro Magic of The Human Mind

  10. Giant Memory
  11. Thought Reading
  12. Billet Reading
  13. Living and Dead

    Part 2 Eulenspiegel Magic of Sleight of Hand and Playing Cards

  14. The Swelled Head Presentation for the Balloon Penetration
  15. The PDI 15 Presentation for the Chinese Compass
  16. Connections Presentation for the Chinese Sticks
  17. The Mystery of the 4th Dimension
  18. Unprofitable Art? Presentation for the Coin Manipulator
  19. The Linking Rings
  20. The Grand Tour
  21. Parody Presentation for the Six Card Repeat
  22. The Hustler
  23. Sherlock Holmes' Last Case
  24. The World as Will and Representation

    Part 3 Faust Devil — Devil Fantasizing in the Witches' Kitchen

  25. Devil — Devil Fantasizing in the Witches Kitchen

    Part 4 Münchhausen Nonsense, Stories, Escapades

    Part 5 Punx Solving the Time Problem

  26. Stretching a Rope
  27. Bill in Cigarette
  28. The Wonder Box

    Bonus: Improbable Miracles

  29. Soap Bubbles in Braunau
  30. The Clock of Friendship — Almost a Ballad

  31. Epilogue
  32. Punx in Print
  33. Bibliography
  34. P.S.

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