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Fourth Dimensional Mysteries
by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Fourth Dimensional Mysteries by Punx & Bill Palmer MIMC
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"Frankly, this is one of the most exciting and inspiring books on magic and mentalism I have ever read for Punx does both magic and mentalism as theatre ... and with great entertainment value .. A MUST READ for the serious magician or mentalist." - Phil Willmarth

Punx shares and teaches his way of performing mentalism. You can't read this without starting to think and apply some of Punx's ideas.

In the late seventies, Punx released material he had been performing for various decades as a series of seven booklets (in German): Experimente mit dem Ɯberraum. In 1980 one of them, Der Wahrtraum, was released in English to members of the Psychic Entertainers Association.

As a bonus you also get The Super Punx Test.

(Translated from the German by Bill Palmer.)

1st edition 1990, 1st digital edition 2013, 175 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Translator's Preface to the E-Book
  2. Publisher's Preface
  3. Translator's Introduction

    1st Booklet

  4. The Interrupted Dream
  5. How long should a performance be?
  6. What kind of effect is it?
  7. Presentation I
  8. Presentation II
  9. Explanation of the various effects
  10. Switching the coin
  11. Final Observations
  12. The Bermuda Triangle
  13. Mental Training

    2nd Booklet

  14. Real Magic & The Anniversary
  15. Real Magic: Presentation
  16. The Anniversary
  17. Concerning The Props
  18. The Perfume Trick

    3rd Booklet

  19. The Punx Test and The Punx Prediction
  20. The Punx Test
  21. Thus Begins Corinda
  22. The Punx Prediction
  23. The Annemann billet

    4th Booklet

  24. Money from the Fourth Dimension
  25. Thanks to U. F. Grant
  26. Stretching a Rope
  27. The Grant Trick - Technique

    5th Booklet

  28. The Sheriff and the Card Sharp
  29. Variatio Delectat
  30. The Sheriff and the Card Sharp
  31. Souls in Harmony
  32. Crystallomancy
  33. The Sheriff and the Card Sharp
  34. "Roll the Film"
  35. The Brainwave Deck
  36. Important Afterthoughts On A "Course of Study"
  37. Souls in Harmony
  38. Crystallomancy
  39. Crystal Balls and Playing Cards
  40. A Completely Crazy Idea
  41. One Last Crazy Idea

    6th Booklet

  42. The Oracle
  43. The Oracle or "The Three Wishes"
  44. The Center Tear
  45. Final Remarks

    7th Booklet

  46. Psycho Bell
  47. Foreword
  48. The Dictionary Trick
  49. "Reflecta - Thot"
  50. Psycho-Bell Version 1
  51. Psycho-Bell Version 2
  52. Outline of the Routine


  53. The Super Punx Test
  54. Effect 1: ESP Symbols
  55. Secret: ESP Symbols
  56. Effect 2: The Book Test
  57. Secret: The Book Test
  58. Effect 3: "I am THE GREATEST!"

  59. Bibliography

word count: 64133 which is equivalent to 256 standard pages of text