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Fire Magic
by Clettis Musson


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Fire Magic by Clettis Musson

Many wonderful fire tricks and the secrets of fire-eating. Add brightness, flash, color, and excitement to your show. The entire fire-eating subject is covered: torches, gas jets, licking a red hot poker, drinking boiling liquid, biting hot iron, eating burning objects, fire bubbles, etc. Also, the Human Blow Torch, other thrilling but different effects such as the Human Volcano, Fire Fountain, Burning a Living Head, Burning Water, the Dragon's Mouth, many others. Spectacular numbers include Colored Fire, Automatic Lamp, Mysterious Candles, Breath of Fire, etc. There are sixty tricks in all, carefully explained. Most are harmless. Where there is danger, as in fire eating, all precautions are explained. Fire eating dates back to 1000 BC, yet even today, few know its secrets. We don't recommend anyone go in for fire-eating, but we do think magicians should be familiar with all aspects of their craft.

  • Introduction
  • Heat Resisting Formulas
  • Novel Steak Cooking
  • Torches
  • A New Fire Torch
  • Handful Of Fire
  • Blazing Pipe
  • Human Blow Torch
  • The Gas Jet
  • Multiple Gas Jet
  • Natural Gas Jet
  • The Main Course
  • Licking A Red Hot Poker
  • Eating Burning Pitch
  • The Asbestos Tongue
  • Drinking Boiling Liquor
  • String Of Fire
  • Swallowing A Red Hot Sword
  • Epicurean's Delight
  • Biting Off A Piece Of Red Hot Iron
  • Eating Burning Coals
  • Candle Chicanery
  • Fire Bubbles
  • Meteor Balls
  • The Flaming Dessert
  • Real, Fire Eating Stunt
  • Hands That Won't Burn
  • Hands Of Immunity
  • Breath Of Fire
  • Fire Lozenges
  • Eating Burning Paper
  • The Dragon's Mouth
  • A Tongue Lighter
  • The Hot Lead Test
  • Red Hot Challenge
  • Colored Fire
  • Automatic Lamp
  • Sparks And Smoke
  • Liquid Smoke
  • Cloth That Won't Burn
  • Mysterious Candles
  • Weird Faces
  • Fire By Command
  • Burning Letters
  • Burning Water
  • Flaming Water
  • Speedy Cigarettes
  • Sputtering Matches
  • Water For Matches
  • Novel Cigarette Lighting
  • A Fountain Of Fire
  • Fire Ball Feat
  • Color From A Candle Flame
  • The Sparks From A Pipe
  • Burning A Living Head ! ! !
  • Spontaneous Flame
  • Flaming Finger
  • Blazing Finger Tips
  • Eating Matches
  • Burning Sugar
  • Breath Of Beelzebub
  • Flashy Flames
  • The Hot Ball
  • Fireless Smoke
  • Boiling Water In A Paper Cup
  • Hot Head
  • Burned Alive
  • The Human Volcano
  • Contrary To Nature
  • Sure Fire Bet Trick
  • Ice That Won't Melt
  • At The Touch Of A Stick
  • Miniature Volcano
  • Medium's Fire Routine
  • Skin And Match Test
  • Pinching Out Candle Flames
  • To The Reader

1st edition 1952, 1st digital edition 2013, 40 pages.
word count: 17173 which is equivalent to 68 standard pages of text