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Fit For Kings, Too
by John Gelasi


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Fit For Kings, Too by John Gelasi

"I really enjoyed this ebook... Highly recommended!" - Raphael Czaja

"Beyond amazing!" - Andrew Galanter

John Gelasi is back with six more commerical, fun card routines featuring the 4 kings.

Fit for Kings, Too is the sequel to John's first ever release, Fit for Kings. Once again, all of these effects are easy and hard hitting, yet all are done with just a regular deck of cards.

Routines included:

Uproarious: Four Jokers change into four kings one-by-one. One king is set aside, and the other kings are transformed into the cards to complete a royal flush.

Hofzinser with a Twist: Four kings and a selected card. The king of the same suit as the selection reverses twice, then switches places with the selection under impossible conditions.

Almost Perfect: The performer finds that he can cut to three of the four aces, but finds a king instead when cutting to the last ace. Not a problem, as four cards are then produced from the deck: the missing ace, plus... the other three aces! The three "aces" from before are shown to have changed into the other kings.

Funny Assembly: Two Jokers and four kings switch places in a short and sweet assembly-like routine.

Walton-ing Around: A mixed packet of red and black cards reveals a selection in two phases.

Kangaroo Kings: A completely self-working packet trick where the spectators find three of the four kings, and the last king is found by the magician in a totally unexpected way.

All of these effects come fully explained. Each effect comes complete with an HD-shot video demo, as well as photo illustrations to make learning these fun effects a breeze.

1st edition 2011; 18 pages.
word count: 3894 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text