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Fit For Kings
by John Gelasi


(4 customer ratings) ★★★

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Fit For Kings by John Gelasi

"John's enthusiasm for card magic shines throughout this material, 'Daley + 2' is a gem" - Paul Hallas

"These routines are a lot of fun and very commercial!" - Cameron Francis

In his first major ebook project, John Gelasi presents five fantastic, super-commercial card routines all featuring the four kings and using a regular deck of cards.

With just a little setup, you'll be performing strong, easy-to-do card effects. Some are even totally impromptu, and can be performed completely at a moment's notice! Having trouble finding impromptu effects that you actually want to perform? Look no further. All five effects have been proven effective in real world performance. All are explained clearly and thoroughly, inlcluding full color photos.

Routines featured:

Suspicion - The two black kings change into mates of a freely selected card, then reappear in the deck with the selection in between them.

Jazz Club - 'Jazz Aces' with the four kings and four red spot cards. One by one, the Kings switch places with the red cards in the card case, all leading up to a kicker ending.

Daley + 2 - Dr. Daley's classic plot with the four kings and two selected cards. After some magic with the kings, the selections are revealed in a surprising manner.

Zing Kings - A novel sandwich effect where two kings trap a selected card and the other two trap the cards required to complete a royal flush. Visually stunning!

Big Mistake - A small packet effect with lots of surprises, where you finally end up producing the four Kings from a packet that used to contain jokers. This PDF also contains links to video demos and performance ideas.

"Starting off into the road of creating is always a precarious path, for I travelled down there myself not too long ago. And now a new traveller: John Gelasi, starts his escapade down this walkway, with a brilliant vehicle to start him off with a burst of greatness: 'Fit for Kings'. When John sent me this Ebook, I was delighted to start reading it - he is a young magician like me, and therefore I was excited that another young magician was releasing Ebooks! And I was in for a treat - this Ebook contains 5 very streamlined and commercial effects, all with video demos! It really is amazing quality material for any aged magician! Great job John, I think you will be a great force in years to come. And the journey continues..." - Kyle MacNeill

1st edition 2011; 15 pages.
word count: 3540 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text