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Four Choice Rings: F.U.N. Ring Series
by Ken Muller

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Four Choice Rings: F.U.N. Ring Series by Ken Muller

A unique method of unlinking a chain of four metal rings based on audience choices and engagement that provides patterns for future deception, and acquitment for previous sleights.

This is a performance module and not a full effect/presentation, that can be used with any linking ring routine. It is an extraction from the Primal Rings ebook that contains the development logic and credits. This module uses a standard 4-ring set of metal 4-8" rings with several recommended modifications.

A dangled chain of four metal rings is gathered into a fan display from which a single, spectator chosen ring is extracted, leaving a chain of three rings. A second ring is trained how to escape. The remaining chain of two is displayed with a spectator selecting the exact point of the unlink. Finally, all four separate rings are displayed in a unique 'four finger' pattern in one hand.

This module is a critical component of 4X4 Rings and Rings of Troth ebooks and is included in the Primal Rings appendix.

Alternately, in a traditional linking rings approach, four apparently separate rings are linked together up to a chain of four. Rather than end there, you can disassemble the chain in a manner that "proves" they are separate before proceeding with other linking effects. The ability to have spectators choose which rings to unlink is very powerful. WebRing Subtlety enhancements can also be used with this module.

Sequential photos are provided along with verbal script suggestions.

1st edition 2022, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 9577 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text