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Frank Tousey

(May 24th 1853 - 1902)

Frank Tousey was among the top publishers of dime novels in the late 1800s and early 1900s. More interesting for magicians is the fact that he also published a "How To" series that included several titles on magic such as How To Make Magic Toys, How To Do Tricks, How To Do 60 Tricks With Cards, How To Do Sleight of Hand, etc.

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Frank Tousey
How to Solve Conundrums by Frank Tousey

Containing all the leading conundrums of the day, amusing riddles, curious catches, and witty sayings.

1st edition 1900, 60 pages; PDF 79 pages.

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Frank Tousey
How to Tell Fortunes by Frank Tousey

Containing Napoleon's Oraculum, and the key to work it. Also tells fortunes by cards, lucky and unlucky days, signs and omens.

  • How To Tell Fortunes By Cards
    • Signification Of The Cards
    • Signification Of Different Cards Of The Same Denomination
    • Dealing The Cards By Threes
    • Dealing The Cards By Sevens
    • Dealing The Cards By Fifteens
    • The Italian Method
    • Present, Past, And Future
    • The Star Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Know If You Will Get Your Wish
    • The English Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Tell Whether You Will Get Your Wish
  • Good And Bad Omens
    • Concluding Remarks
  • Weather...
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)