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Frank Tousey

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Frank Tousey
How to Tell Fortunes by Frank Tousey

Containing Napoleon's Oraculum, and the key to work it. Also tells fortunes by cards, lucky and unlucky days, signs and omens.

  • How To Tell Fortunes By Cards
    • Signification Of The Cards
    • Signification Of Different Cards Of The Same Denomination
    • Dealing The Cards By Threes
    • Dealing The Cards By Sevens
    • Dealing The Cards By Fifteens
    • The Italian Method
    • Present, Past, And Future
    • The Star Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Know If You Will Get Your Wish
    • The English Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Tell Whether You Will Get Your Wish
  • Good And Bad Omens
    • Concluding Remarks
  • Weather...
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