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How to do Sleight of Hand
by A. Anderson

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How to do Sleight of Hand by A. Anderson

Containing over fifty of the latest and best tricks used by magicians. Also containing the secret of Second Sight.

Excerpt from the introduction:

In Egypt, Greece and Rome, sleight of hand, accompanied by the supposed answers of the gods produced by ventriloquism, enabled the priest to keep the ignorant nations in subjection to their will. In the Middle Ages, too, a great deal of what happened under the influence of Black Magic was simply the cunning of professors of sleight of hand, sometimes mixed up with a few chemical tricks.


One thing the young conjurer must remember, and that is a simple trick performed with neatness and accuracy is far better than a complicated trick performed clumsily. Therefore it behoves every young performer to practice every trick thoroughly before submitting it to the inquisitive eyes of an audience.

  • The Flying Coin
  • Another Method
  • The Beads and Strings
  • To Get a Ring Out of a Handkerchief
  • The Three Cups
  • The Old Man and His Chair
  • The Handcuffs
  • The Gordian Knot
  • To Pull a String Through Your Button-Hole
  • The Failing Knot
  • To Crack Walnuts in Your Elbow
  • To Put Nuts Into Your Ear
  • The Knotted Handkerchief
  • The Sweet Shower
  • The Erratic Egg
  • The Obedient Coin
  • The Prisoner Released
  • Advantageous Wager
  • New Perpetual Rotary Motion
  • The Miraculous Apple
  • To Cook an Omelet in a Hat
  • The Magic Stick
  • The Vanishing Dime
  • Another Method
  • The Penetrating Pennies
  • The Doll Trick
  • The Gold Fish and Ink Trick
  • The Magic Rings
  • The Cannon Balls
  • The Coin in the Ball of Cotton
  • The Egg and Bag Trick
  • The Dancing Egg
  • The Fire Eater
  • The Burned Handkerchief Restored
  • Coffee and Handkerchief Tricks
  • The Magic Bottle
  • The Bottle Trick
  • To Change a Dime to a Half-Dollar
  • The Great Gun Trick
  • The Magic Fluids
  • The Fakir's Egg Bag
  • The Watch in the Loaf
  • Satisfying but Not Nutritious
  • Destroyed to be Restored
  • The Watch and Mortar Trick
  • Smelting in a Nut-shell
  • The Magic Bottle
  • The Wine Trick
  • Guessing a Number
  • The Mysterious Flask
  • The Wizard's Formula
  • "Dandy Dick's Head Off"
    • What are the Sets? P
    • laying Cards
    • Revealing a Coin

1st edition 1898; PDF 56 pages.
word count: 18724 which is equivalent to 74 standard pages of text