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Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena
by William W. Larsen

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Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena by William W. Larsen

(Larsen is writing as Rev. Dr. Richard Straussberg)

Whether you want to haunt a house, perform a parlor seance, or entertain a private audience with a series of ghostly mysteries, this book shows you how to do it. Long out of print, this limited edition manuscript is now available to a new generation of house haunters, spirit mediums and practitioners of bizarre magick. Use these spine-chilling effects to scare the yell out of your victims. If you're a storyteller, use one or more of these macabre stunts to accentuate a horror story.

Use an effect or two to spice up your existing act. They also make great mysteries for a Midnight Ghost Show. Or, at a party, spin a yarn about a haunted house and, during your spiel, something spooky and incredible happens. You can even host your own 10-in-1 show, with each room or display set up for a different effect.

Partial contents:

  • Super-Mentalism
  • Bible Message Reading
  • Dr. Bromley's Office Test
  • Materialization of a Rose
  • A Slate Manifestation
  • A Trumpet Test
  • The Spirit Rocking Chair
  • The Crashing Picture
  • Spirit Materialization
  • Ectoplasmic Phenomena
Original copies of this rare and exclusive manuscript sell for over $100 today, if you are lucky enough to find one. Now you can own the revised and updated edition for far less in this digital edition.

1st edition 1928; PDF 28 pages.
word count: 10159 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text