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by Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair

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Trio-Ific by Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair

A terrific triple prediction with a double climax using three spectators, three chairs, three big envelopes and a deck of cards.

One of the most astonishing mental effects which we have ever been privileged to offer you.

Unusual: Strange: Bizarre!

Three chairs are in a line on the stage. A committee of three spectators are asked to come forward. One of the spectators is handed three large envelopes. He is asked to mix the envelopes up and then to lay these down on any of the chairs, in any order he chooses. Three spectators are to sit on any of the chairs again just as they choose. Each spectator is now handed a small paper bag. He can examine the bag. The magician removes a pack of cards from its case, running through these and shows all the faces of them. He divides the pack into three approximately equal piles and he gives a packet to each spectator to hold face downwards.

Now taking the packet of cards from, the first spectator, he shuffles the cards and writes something on the face of the first card using a marker pen. He then slides the card face downwards into the bag which the spectator is holding. He now asks the spectator to take the cards, shuffle them if he likes and to remove any card from the pack (absolutely no force) without looking at its face, and slide it into the bag alongside the magician's prediction. This business is repeated with the two other spectators.

Two other prediction's being made and two other selections, the cards all going into the bags, so that at the end the spectators each have a bag placed on their lap.

Now for the first climax.

The first spectator is asked to remove the two cards from his bag, to read what you have written and to confirm that you have correctly predicted the actual freely chosen card. You repeat this with the other two spectators, in each case your prediction has been 100% correct.

Now you have a little recap as to your original showing of the envelopes, the mixing of the envelopes, their being placed down in any order, the spectators sitting down in any order, etc. etc. You are now set for a further astonishing climax. Each spectator stands up, takes the envelope which he has been sitting on and removes from it, back outwards, a jumbo sized card. It is confirmed that the envelope is otherwise empty. Each spectator holds a Jumbo sized and a regular card back outwards.

Now on your command they turn their cards around. Yes! If for example the spectator has a small Three of Spades, he has a jumbo card to match and so on. The three spectators have a jumbo card to match their freely selected ones. A stunning and unusual mystery has come to an end.

The effect can be used during a regular magic show or during a mental act with equally devastating effect. We hope you will enjoy the unusual presentation.


  • No stooges
  • The spectators have free choice on everything. The firs spectator mixes the envelopes and freely puts one on each chair. Then each spectator freely chooses the chair to sit on. Each spectator shuffles the cards and freely chooses one, there is no force.
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to do
  • Plenty of audience participation.
  • Can be performed close-up or on the biggest stage
  • A real baffler!

1st edition 1982, 1st digital edition 2019, 8 pages.
word count: 1908 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text