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Frique Technique
by Scott Xavier


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Frique Technique by Scott Xavier

Learn the skills of the side show performer...

Within this 40 plus minute video, you will learn the skills to make a living as a side show magician and freak show performer.

  • You'll learn the human block head routine, where you'll be able to hammer a nail into your head.
  • Learn to gaff glass to make glass walking infinitely safer.
  • Learn super human strength technique to tear an Apple into two pieces.
  • A complete expose on making side show fire torches in a pinch, a flame fuel that is a solid and non-petroleum based and infinitely safer, you'll also see how a real freak show artist performs fire breathing, and blows 3-4 for long fireballs.
  • Watch as animal traps are dissected and altered to make them safer for various magic stunts.
  • Learn a pickpocketing stunt using an animal trap.
  • Learn a fun new way to convince the swallowing of balloons and razor blades and craft an inspiring routine.
This is Frique Technique. Remember that stunts can be dangerous. They are presented here for educational purposes only. We can not recommend any performer actually attempting them. If you do, you proceed at your own risk!

1st edition 2015, length 41min 17s

Reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 11 October, 2015

A little disappointing with the quality of production, start, finish and in-between but it will have a place in my working library as a reference. The end just stops half way through a sentence

Stranger Than Fiction : A Collection of Closely-Guarded Secrets Paperback – 1970 by Derek Lever is also recommended as a reference

But back to Frique technique it has no padding out like over magic videos no fancy music, studio E.T.C but would fuel the thoughts of those wanting to research practice with safely perform and more when performing check your environment flammables etc INSURANCE cover

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