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F.U.N. Magic: Coin Production Inspirations
by Ken Muller

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F.U.N. Magic: Coin Production Inspirations by Ken Muller

An in-depth exploration into four innovative approaches to coin production methods.

Swidle - the continuous concealment of a coin during other actions so that it is available for production when needed. The coin is idled with both hands shown empty using natural hand movements.

PileUp - adding a magical spin to the normal process of picking up three coins from the table. This plays with audience attention, expectations and sets several patterns of performance for later productions or coin effects.

OnceLoad - a method of supporting multiple coin productions without repeated trips to the body or weird hand shifts and positions or difficult palming.

EJTM - an "end justifies the means" approach to apparently producing several coins when you didn't. The audience remembers that you did, so you must have.

1st edition 2020, PDF 46 pages.
word count: 23790 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text