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Ungimmicked Linking Ropes
by Devin Knight


(4 reviews, 13 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Ungimmicked Linking Ropes by Devin Knight

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This is the linking ropes on steroids. Imagine doing the linking ropes for real. I mean with three ungimmicked pieces of rope. NO MAGNETS, NO ROPE SNAPS, RUBBER CEMENT, HOOKS, OR FALSE COUNTS WITH THE LOOPS. Ropes actually link for real, no optical illusion that the ropes appear to be linked. Only three pieces of examined rope are used. No switches or extra hidden pieces of rope. Can be done in short sleeves, under any conditions. NO PULLS OR GIMMICKS OF ANY KIND. Learn it in just a few minutes. This is a new and improved revised handling by Devin Knight.

EFFECT: The performer (that's you) invites any two spectators to come forward to assist in a challenge rope trick. You show three 40" pieces of rope. The performer gives each spectator a free choice of a rope. No magician's choice or force of any kind. The spectators may change their minds and exchange the ropes again if they wish, as it does not matter who has which rope, as the ropes are ungimmicked.

The spectators and the magician firmly pull on the ends of their rope to show the rope is solid and does not come apart. Spectators are asked to thoroughly examine their ropes to make sure the rope is unprepared. (It really is.) The spectators are asked to tie the two ends of their ropes together forming an endless loop of rope. The performer does the same with his rope. THE ENDS OF THE PERFORMER'S ROPE ARE ACTUALLY TIED TOGETHER. THE PERFORMER DOES NOT PRETEND TO TIE THE ENDS. The performer freely shows he has tied a loop, too. Both spectators hand their ropes to the magician with the KNOT at the bottom of the loop. The performer says this is so the knots can't be tampered with. The magician holds the three loops in one hand. With no fumbling and with the ropes never leaving the sight of the audience, he instantly shows that all three ropes are now linked into a chain of three! The chain is immediately handed out for examination by the spectators. The ropes are actually linked for real. Baffling beyond words.

The performer hands the chain for the spectators to carefully examine and to verify the loops can only be freed by untying them.

Magician's are only fooling themselves if they are doing the linking ropes with magnets, thinking they are fooling the audiences. If the audience can't examine the ropes, they assume they come apart somehow. (Which is true, audiences aren't as dumb as some magicians think.) Now they can examine everything and find nothing. Suitable for stage, parlor or close-up. No angle problems. The perfect street magic effect. Easy to learn. Nothing added or taken away. None of the loops secretly come apart, believe it or not!

BONUS EFFECT: This is the perfect ending for any ring and rope routine. Let anyone examine the rope and a solid bracelet. While the spectator holds the bracelet, the performer ties the rope into a loop and freely shows it is really tied. He takes the bracelet from the spectator and invisibly and instantly links it onto the loop in full view and immediately hands the loop and bracelet to the spectator to see that it has really penetrated the rope. The only way for the bracelet to be removed is for the spectator to untie the loop. Neither the rope or bracelet are gimmicked.

Learn it in less than 10 minutes. Fools those magicians who know the old methods with snaps and magnets. Go back and read this again. Every word is true and nothing has been left out of the ad. This is actually what you do and the audience sees. I know it sounds impossible, but this is what you can actually do with the ropes.

1st edition 2016, 8 pages.
word count: 1635 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Bruce Peck (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 06 September, 2016

I would like to stress what the ad copy does not make clear: You are buying instructions for just a single move only, not a rope routine, and the move in question is not even original to the author.

Is the move clever? Sure. But for $8 I was expecting more. And something more original. There are any number of PDFs on this site that teach entire routines for the same price. Buyer beware.

Reviewed by Dale Lorzo
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 27 January, 2016

This trick can easily be done exactly as stated. There should be credit given to Dick Williams who published this idea back in 1994 in "Lights, Camera, Magic!" Williams later explained it with ropes from his TV show "Magicland" and credits Conrad "Connie" Bush for coming up with a similar idea many years before.

Reviewed by Scott Starkey (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 11 January, 2016

This is a fantastic value for the price; in fact, one could argue that this is way under-priced. It may be my best purchase on Lybrary to date. The advertising text is spot-on. I've played with this several dozen times, and it almost seems like real magic in my hands. It's quite fun seeing the impossible come to life in my own hands. The "moves" are well covered by natural actions, and not very complicated.

My only minor quibble is I think a couple of the illustrations should have an "exposed" view. Some of the illustrations are very clear, and a couple were not as great. Part of the model's thumb gets in the way of some of the stuff I was wanting to see. However, I was able to piece it together with the very clear text and the other illustrations.

Finally. There seemed to be a bit of a knack with making it work for me, at first. Keep working it! After a couple of dozen times of going through the procedure, I was able to make it work 100% of the time. It's certainly not complicated, but like anything, it takes practice to get the "feel" and "smoothness" right! If you perform the rather simple and natural "moves" on the off-beat, you will hide even the slightest hint of funny business. The end result - three linked ropes previously tied separately - is a miracle ready to happen. The only way to undo it afterwards is to untie the knots!

Reviewed by Jeffrey Damens (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 06 January, 2016

This is a wonderful illusion. The method is quite clear and it looks quite good after a few run-throughs. Quite a bargain at $6.