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by Jeff Stone

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Gemstones by Jeff Stone
"I've been a big Jeff Stone fan for a while now. Not only is he a good friend, he creates powerful, direct and -most of all- commercial close-up magic. I also really respect Jeff as a teacher. He really knows what he's talking about. 'GEMSTONES' is the perfect opportunity to get to know Jeff and learn how his very clever mind ticks!" - Jay Sankey

"Every single trick on it is worth practicing and performing, I think my favorite effect on there is probably Quasi-Photo, I can't wait to practice it. I can really tell you put a whole lot of thought into this project." - David M

Jeff Stone's latest contribution, Gemstones, is full of incredibly visual and practical magic. These are indeed rare gems, and best of all they are well within the reach of every performer.

No pipe dreams here. Even experienced magicians will be fooled by some of the material on this download DVD. Everything from coins to keys to rolls of film, candy, office supplies and more. You will be shocked when you see how visual and how surprising some of this material is.

Learn the S.S. Vanish and you'll have a utility at your disposal that will allow you to completely and cleanly vanish and/or switch any small item that you can fit in your hand. You'll see how Jeff uses classic moves in unique and different ways that will catch even the most well-studied magicians off guard. You'll witness one of the cleanest vanishes of a playing card or dollar bill imaginable. Plus you'll have access to a special bonus website full of extras and additional effects.

"Got this yesterday and took a look at it this morning. One word: COMMERCIAL! Really good stuff on here. My personal faves were Quarterback, Doctoring Daley & Safe Key Ping. All stuff I could see myself doing. Another one I like as well! When working for lay folk, I only do coin stuff that's easy to do and easy to follow. Misrer's Nightmare truly fits the bill. Pick it up!" - Cameron Francis

"I just got this DVD. Some very, very good thinking and implementation, esp. Miser's N'mare and the $ in Twinkie. Congrats Jeff! Keep 'em coming..." - Apurva Sanghi

"I [should] mention how much I like Miser's Nightmare. From my viewpoint coin effects/routines can get quite complicated and hard to follow. But Jeff has put together a fairly easy/direct/bold coin routine that actually serves as a powerful template." - Brad Gordon

"Jeff has created and demonstrated some ridiculously simple and easy manifestations of impossibility. Yes, I said "simple and easy" because they are, when it comes to the mechanics -- but, oh how you'll WANT to put in the rehearsal time to make these become YOURS. He's so creative and . . . finds the shortest distance between point A and point B. "Miser's Nightmare" (and its attendant sleight) is better every time I see it, and I can stare right at it, know exactly what he's doing, and it still looks miraculous . . . You'll believe that a dime can vanish and reappear inside a card -- INSIDE a card -- which the volunteer had examined. You'll believe that a card can burst into four pieces instantly. You'll believe that Jeff Stone is one of the creative geniuses of our time, and all-around good guy." - Chet Cox

"I really enjoyed VISA 2.0 and Miser's Nightmare . . . The changes incorporated into VISA 2.0 made a lot of sense. Lots of opportunity for creating your own patter lines with this one. Miser's Nightmare isn't in need of much patter and, most importantly for me, you don't need to be able to do a classic palm. I have a fondness for routines where something vanishes and stays vanished. Gertners take on saltshaker through table is an example of this. You shouldn't go directly into another effect after something like this because the longer the coins are gone the longer the effect." - Randy Naviaux

"I just got Gemstones the other day, and it certainly contains some gems in it. The website has some good stuff on it, too!" - Mark A.

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