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Magic Digest
by George B. Anderson


(3 reviews, 9 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Magic Digest by George B. Anderson

The original ad read:

Secrets for the tricks in this book, if purchased separately from magic supply houses, would cost well over $1000. Here, in non-technical language, are hundreds of tricks that require no special apparatus; tricks that can be performed with simple, common objects to be found anywhere. Tricks with coins, rope, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, rubber bands, pencils, playing cards - objects completely free of trickery. Includes complete routines for a close-up act, a mental act, a children's show, and a catalog of magic and merchandise.

  • Hundreds of self-working tricks that require no skill
  • Tricks for anytime, anywhere (at the dinner table, at the card table, at a party)
  • Ice breakers for business dealings
  • Easily constructed illusions
  • Close-up routines with silks, cards, coins
  • Mental magic
  • How to buy tricks
  • A gallery of legendary magicians
  • Reproduction of the old classic The Black Art Exposed
Neil Foster wrote in the New Tops:
"Puts Magic in the Now! I recommend this book to everyone interested in the Art of Magic, be he amateur or professional. For the first time in decades a book has finally come along that puts Magic in the contemporary scene, all the dusty old myths have past into oblivion."
  • About The Author
  • You Can Do Great Magic Tricks
  • The Ground Rules Of Magic
  • Any Time, Anywhere
    • The Impossible Knot
    • The Instant One-Hand Knot
    • The Snap Knot
    • The Phantom Knot
    • Silk Through The Body
    • Take Your Choice
    • The Blow Knot
    • Triple Choice
    • Penetration
    • Instant Off And On
    • Pin-A-Ribbon
    • Impossible Penetration
    • The Indian Rice Mystery
    • Burned And Restored Borrowed Bill
    • Dollar Bill In Cigarette
    • The Great Coat Trick
    • The Priceless Cups
    • The Sponge Balls
    • The Vanishing Coat Hanger
    • Paradise Dice Routine
  • With Dessert And Coffee
    • The Vanishing Spoon
    • Heads Or Tails
    • The Coin And Glass Illusion
    • Silver Through Glass
    • Borrowed Ring On Pencil
    • Woofle Dust And Ice
    • Knife Penetration
    • The Numerology Trick
    • The Magic Square
  • At The Card Table
    • Mathematical Aces
    • "Your Choice" Four Aces
    • Choice Prediction
    • Miraskill, By Stewart James
    • Mental Card Sandwich
    • How To Force A Card
    • Super-Speller
    • Safety Check Speller
    • The Torn Deck Miracle
    • False Shuffles
    • Simplex Poker Deal
    • The Piano Trick
    • Think Stop
    • The Twelve-Card Count
    • The Golden Miracle
    • You Do As I Do
    • You, Card Manipulator
    • In Your Hat
    • The Card On The Ceiling
    • Al Baker's Impossible Card Location
    • Sheer Nerve
    • Another "Think Of A Card"
    • Follow-Up Card In Pocket
    • Countdown
    • Double Reverse
    • Stabbing A Card
    • Another Card Stabbing
    • Restoring A Torn Card
    • Simulcast
    • Dublo-Cation
    • Want More Card Tricks?
  • At A Party
    • The Telephone Card Trick
    • Swindles
    • "Gag" Three-Card Monte
    • The "Glide" Find The Lady
    • The Australian Belt
    • The Shell Game
    • Thirty-One
    • A Ring, A Quarter And A Hankie
    • After-Dinner Mints
    • Find The Body
  • Ice Breakers
    • Clipped For A Snappy Buck
    • Keep It Brief
    • Matching Pennies
    • Sympathetic Coins
    • A Knotty Problem
    • Print Your Own
    • The Indestructible Rubber Band
    • The Jumping Band
    • The Rubber Pencil
  • You're A Mindreader!
    • The Sex Indicator
    • Think Of A Finger!
    • Mental Choice
    • One Chance In Ten
    • The Hoax "Think Of A Card"
    • Three-Way Prediction
    • The Three-Digit Test
    • Money Talks
    • Simple Book Test
    • Intermediary
    • Stopping The Pulse
    • Message Reading
    • Matchbook Mind Reading
    • The Window Envelope
    • A Clean Revelation
    • The Sealed Question Answering Act
    • "In The Dark" Mindreading
    • A Message From Zographos
    • Newmann's Numbers
    • Dowsing Rods
    • Pseudo-Psychometry
    • Par-Optic Vision
  • Coin Tricks
    • The Classic Coin Fold
    • The No-Sleight Coin Vanish
    • The Han Ping Chien Coin Trick
    • The Miser's Dream
    • Coins Across
    • Coin Con
    • Mindreading With Coins
    • Breaking A Bill
    • The Bending Coin
    • The Sympathetic Coins
    • Chips Are Money
    • Heads Or Tails
  • The Challenge 100-Foot Rope Escape
  • A Spectacular Illusion
    • The Nest Of Boxes
    • Four Ads
    • The Gift Of The Magi
  • A Close-Up Routine
  • The Silk Routine
    • Double-Knot Vanish
    • World's Fastest Knot
    • World's Fastest Bow-Tie
    • Bracelet From Silk
    • Silk Through The Arm
    • The Silk Routine
  • Impromptu Close-Up Routine
    • The Bill Switch
    • Bracelet Over Rubber Band
    • The Bracelet On The String
    • Threading The Needle
    • On Again, Off Again
    • The Paddle Trick
    • The Rapping Pencil
    • The Telephone Book Test
  • Routine With Borrowed Cards
    • Magic Or Mindreading
  • Card Routine With A Stacked Deck
  • "Kit" Impromptu Table Routine
    • Square Knot Cut And Restored Rope
    • The Afghan Bands
  • Close-Up Mental Routine
    • Living And Dead Test
    • Psychic Drawing
    • Spectator And Slate
    • The Rapping Cricket
    • Matchbook Mindreading
  • A Routine For A Children's Show
    • Torn And Restored Paper Napkin
    • Allah Palooza
    • Hydrostatic Glass
    • Bananas
    • The Educated Snake
    • The Rabbit Tubes
    • Popping Corn In A Borrowed Hat
  • You're On-Stage
  • Club Act Routine
    • Rope-Stretching
    • Ropes Around The Neck
    • Block And Cord
    • Bananas
    • Heavy Water
    • The Needle Trick
    • The Card In The Orange
    • Great Performers
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Let's Buy A Trick
  • The Collector
  • The Black Art, Fully Exposed And Laid Bare
  • Acknowledgements
    • About The Cover

1st edition 1972, 288 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 490 pages.
word count: 192153 which is equivalent to 768 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Charles Mahenski (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 09 June, 2024

In my opinion, this is one of the best if not the best beginning book for anyone interested in magic. In fact, forget 'beginning'. This is simply a wonderful book for anyone at any level. It contains something for everyone. I love it.

Reviewed by Peter Vattimo (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 10 April, 2023

One of my favorite books in any genre !!! I got my paperback copy in the 1970's and this ebook is my reading copy that I can read anytime I have my tablet. Solid magic ... Cards, rope, coins, mentalism - actual illusions - and for the old timers there are catalog samples from years ago, as well as historical entries on magic and magicians. This is the book I go to as a "feel good" read !!!

Reviewed by Michael Lyth
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 12 October, 2016

This George Anderson knew his magic.

He also knew what was enjoyed by audiences I recommend this purchase for the serious interested in magic plus history side. I have a printed original copy in my working library, for a new unused copy you could pay up to £140.00 +£2.80 prices vary from international sellers so $15.00 a wise investment no pages to get drink spilt on or chewed by cat/dog /children and easy on the eyes excellent foundation building block for any new magician or memory jog for the old ones like me

If that is not enough there are two really entertaining bonus sections. One reprints the bizarre tricks of the ancients and the other a runs a cross-section of honestly amazing advertisements for tricks sold by dealers in magic equipment. Most of these items were 'the latest' when the book came out in the early 1960s, but almost all of them are either white hot collectable now or displayed as museum pieces.