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Hand Bluffs and More Stuff
by Dale A. Hildebrandt


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Hand Bluffs and More Stuff by Dale A. Hildebrandt

Warning: The author, publisher, editor, seller, and/or anyone else connected to this ebook in any way, shape, manner, or form, shall not be responsible for your use or misuse of the information in this ebook! This leaves you, and only you, as the sole person responsible for your use or misuse of the material in this ebook! You agree to check local laws, and to obey said laws at all times--before implementing this material! This ebook is not intended as medical advice or as hypnotherapy advice! This ebook is only for informational and entertainment purposes! This ebook is not for the faint of heart! Only those who can handle power in a responsible manner should even consider buying this ebook! You have been warned! By purchasing this ebook you agree to these terms!

With a preface by Jerome Finley and a foreword by Michael Weber.

This ebook contains some very advanced material for the psychic entertainer and mentalist. Some of these things are very pure effects and methods, and some of these things rely on more traditional trickery. This is the direction Dale A. Hildebrandt is heading in with his performances. You will find many things in this ebook that can be put to use in the fields of NLP, psychic entertainment, and mentalism.

HANDSHAKE INTUITION: This ebook will teach you techniques related to shaking hands and other touches. This is very powerful stuff that should not be treated lightly. These techniques are great tools for mentalists and psychic entertainers. When you have learned these techniques, you will be a few steps ahead of the pack and enable yourself to deepen the astonishment of those around you.

AN ERICKSONIAN READER'S OPENING: After you use 'Handshake Intuition' and greet the person in front of you, how do you open the actual session with your client? Find out one technique based on the work of Milton H. Erickson that will make it seem like you are interested without interfering!

THE BACKSLAP ANCHOR: An interesting, progressive technique that allows you to establish a magickal relationship with an individual and end with a Cold/Warm/Hot Reading that is enhanced by the use of this particular technique. Cold/Warm/Hot Reading techniques are not discussed in this ebook; it is assumed that you have some knowledge in this area already. This particular technique allows your Cold/Warm/Hot Reading to be perceived as more accurate and more real.

THREE KNUCKLE SWISH: A technique taken from the pages of Neurolinguistic Programming with some advice on how to learn anchoring when you first start out. The 'Three Knuckle Swish' has proved to be a very powerful tool for me and those who I have applied the technique with. It will prove just as useful to you as well.

THE DEEPER TAROT: You hand a participant a deck of Tarot Cards. Apparently divine the meanings of the first two Tarot Cards without markings, stacks, or even touching the cards. Then, for a kicker, divine the last card's meaning and also know what card has been chosen!

CAPTAIN PENNY, THE PSYCHIC PIRATE I show you the progress of evolution in this effect, with an Old Presentation given first and the New Presentation given towards the end of the description. This has become one of my favorite pieces to perform and gets a lot of great laughs with some wonderful audience interaction.

WITCH FINGERS: By listening to my audiences and applying different techniques to this presentation I have come up with a mentalist presentation for what would ordinarily be considered a comedy prop - a prop that many would normally consider beneath them to use because of the prop's original intention. This also puts all the power into the hands of the volunteer!

BONUS EFFECT (PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE): HAUNTED HOUSE HALLOWEEN HORROR: A card effect utilizing 52 blank faced cards that now have different words written upon them. There are many directions this effect can take, but the main idea remains the same: One of the 52 cards is chosen by having a number named (in one version any number can be named, but in my preferred version any number between 1 and 22 - in the preferred version you can then repeat the effect with a different outcome). The card is then revealed by the magician.

"Dale has offered up another collection of his interesting observations and odd ideas which create the chance for us to navigate our way to thoughts that might have otherwise never been." - From the Foreword by Michael Weber

"Dale's new work is fascinating reading for mentalists--it is about first impressions. They are always important, but this is about more than making it a good one. This is about making a person's first impression of you an actual EFFECT... A startlingly simple idea that can't do anything but help your reputation as a worker of the strange." - Liam Montier

"This kind of work is very important to the modern conjurer, and I am very grateful for the chance to gain such knowledge." - Brad Gordon

"I think people should have to sign a waiver promising to only use this for good. This has to be kept away from politicians. I find Handshake Intuition both fascinating and terrifying." - TC Tahoe

"I've been pretty busy lately, but I wanted to shoot you a quick note to say how much I enjoy Hand Bluffs. It's the special secret touches and nuances like those in your book that elevate a performance to a personal experience for the spectator. I wish there were more creators out there like you." - Don Theo III

"Inspired and inspiring. I loved the ideas for handshakes - they turn an ordinary gesture into an extraordinary event. Really refreshing thinking for mentalists and open-minded magicians." - Oliver Meech, author of The Plot Thickens.

"Handbluffs Plus is the perfect way for any entertainer to make a great initial impression. When we meet new potential clients we often shake their hands. With the techniques described in this release you will not only shake hands but PROVE you apparently have magical powers. Highly recommended for those wanting to break the ice." - Devin Knight

"I must say I really like 'Hand Bluffs'. You have included some fascinating work which demonstrates your deep knowledge of people and performance; valuable assets to any performer. A particular stand out piece for me is 'Handshake Intuition'; a stunning use of linguistics and psychology that will deeply affect any one it is used on. This will leave spectators uniquely affected by your magical prowess. 'An Ericksonian Reader's Opening' is another fine piece of linguistic subterfuge that gives you the apparent ability to 'know all' about your participant but make you a nice guy and not 'tell all'. If used correctly and intelligently, the techniques and deceptions in this book will enhance your performances no end." - Alexander Marsh

"Read it. Liked a lot of what you had to say. All the anchoring techniques and the hand subtleties are very useful. I'm sure many will find different ways to incorporate these ideas into their routines and effects. The pirate effect is quite nice and Weber's extra touch really takes it over the top. He's a great thinker. Finally, I liked the Halloween Horror effect. This one struck a chord with me and I'm sure I'll eventually put my own spin on it. Good stuff." - Greg Arce

"Dale has done it again (and again!)... taking a handshake and turning it into a powerful piece of mystery and magical influence. I am talking about his many ways to introduce himself with a handshake that can perhaps induce visions, trances, well being, and other wild things. Complex theory taken to practical use... which is a Dale hallmark. In addition, this book has a number of extra goodies that any mystery entertainer can easily run with and adapt to their own performance style. Psychology and performance all blended in precise balance for even the most discerning of tastes. Bravo! I look forward to the next installment!" - Bruce Ballon aka Dr. Spektor

"In Dale A. Hildebrandt's "Hand Bluffs Plus More Stuff" hand bluffs refers to 16 methods that allow you to create miracles in the course of a simple handshake and introduction. We aren't talking Ericksonian handshake inductions but something far more down to Earth and accessible. Imagine setting the tone for an effect, a show or even an entire relationship with that first handshake and introduction upon meeting. Hand bluffs shows you how. Top notch thinking. I was similarly taken with, "An Ericksonian Reader's Opening," which speaks to a powerful way to encourage your sitters to open up without feeling intruded upon. This is presented in a very straightforward manner that I can assure you works in psychotherapy and have every reason to expect works in the context of a reading. "The Deeper Tarot" had me running for my deck. This is one of those pieces that will appeal more to the mentalist than the reader and that is OK by me. I found these the stand out routines and ideas. There is another section on NLP anchoring but that isn't my cup of tea so I won't comment. There are some nice mental magic effects to end the book, allowing something for everyone. These are easy, well thought out to meet the needs and abilities of the average performer and I'm sure, fun to do. The presentations are funny. For me, the values of 'Hand Bluffs Plus More Stuff' are the hand bluffs, 'An Ericksonian Reader's Opening,' and 'The Deeper Tarot.' These I will use and will also stimulate further thought. Thanks Dale!" - Dr. Bill Cushman

"Dale has offered the mental community some wonderful insights into oft spoken, but little understood psychological techniques. His work provides ways to influence physical and emotional states with the simplest of actions. These thoughts are waiting to be explored by the reader. While there are a number of commercial routines and ideas, my favorite is a simple statement that will unlock secrets from your 'sitters' mind and tongue; priceless. Dale's love of 'Milton' is showing and we are the better for it." - Sean Waters

"I really like it a lot. It's a great collection of ideas for creating additional 'moments' not only on stage but as you go about your every day life as the mystic. The fusion between linguistics and Ericksonian techniques is immaculate and compliment each other wholeheartedly. The book adds very well to what Derren Brown talks about as 'seeing the process' of mind reading. No longer are we just staring in to someone's eyes divining thoughts but now we have a physical action we can involve ourselves in and, more importantly we can receive an incredible reaction from the person being read. That's just fantastic, isn't it? In addition I really enjoyed the routines you offer as illustrations of your implementation of the concepts, it gives us the reader a much more rounded view of what we can expect to see when we watch Dale Hildebrandt perform. Thanks so much for letting me see this, it's something I have mentioned to a few of my friends and I know they are eager to get their hands on it." - Kennedy

"Sometimes you really do have something magic(k)al and mystical in your hands. Once again, Dale dishes up some entertaining, unusual and thoroughly unique work." - Iain Dunford

"When I was young my father explained to me how a man's handshake told you a lot about the kind of person he was; it's nearly become a lost understanding in today's world of fist bumps and odd gesturing. Fortunately there are still those that do follow the ritual of the traditional greeting and it is here that Dale Hildebrandt lends to the 21st century Mentalist a most amazing arsenal; tools that can be used by the stage performer as well as the table side Reader with great efficacy. If you are looking for a unique and potentially staggering reputation building tool that is literally as simple as shaking hands, this book is a must!" - Craig Browning

"F******g loved it! :D The thinking is beautiful and you've really REALLY got me thinking about how I want to apply some of these concepts to make my current performances even stronger! So so many clever language patters which have been cleverly and carefully constructed to allow you to drop them straight into your act to engage an audience very quickly! The Haunted House Halloween Horror routine is beautiful and right up my street! The lovely concept adds a twist to other routines of this type which makes it somewhat psychological and the structure of the routine allows you to create a sense of genuine mind reading for the participant. The routines have a dark theme running through them, but Dale's careful scripting and specific word choice really paints a picture in the minds of the spectator (even me myself as I'm reading them) changing them from being merely bizarre to more engaging! The Hot Coin routine is probably my favourite as it is something I used to do close up. It allows you to have spectator hold their own coin in their hand and have the coin become too warm for them to hold anymore. I don't want to 'big this up' too much as I gave a tiny bit of input for it, needless to say this routine, for me, is why you should want to buy the book. All the routines are described in great detail and if you are a perform who enjoys using routines and scripting to really connect with the audience, then this book will offer a great deal of insight as to how to do it well, so even if you don't use the routines you will certainly apply the thinking behind them! It's very rare now that I have the time on the road to sit down and actually read something start to finish, but Dale's thinking is very refreshing, focused and enjoyable to read... I did actually find that once I started and recognised Dale had a LOT to offer that I had to sit up and listen." - Colin McLeod

SKILL LEVEL: A very strong intermediate to advanced skill level is recommended to get the most out of this ebook. Additionally, those with backgrounds in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis will be able to experience the full benefits of this ebook. There are techniques taken from NLP and Hypnosis and applied in this ebook where it would very much help to have a background in those subjects for maximum benefit from this ebook.

There are more than 50 pages of Bonus Material. Some of this material consists of reprints from various publications. Some of the material is updates on past work. And, one item is completely new.

  • Birthdated: You correctly guess the birth month of a participant within two months, just like carnival workers of the past, only this time you have an 'out' for the one month that doesn't work in the carnival worker's set-up!
  • Imprinting the Impossible II: An update on Dale's effect 'Imprinting the Impossible', the original version of which was published in lp=343 Hypnohole & Other Absurdities]. This update makes for a much-improved and much-simplified handling.
  • Super Coin in Hand: Published in various different sources, this is reprinted here.
  • Yet Another Ripper Effect/Red Light District: 'Yet Another Ripper Effect' is reprinted from lp=285 Risk & Reward]. Included is the presentation that some have declared may be too strong to perform. Also included is another Jack the Ripper themed effect, titled 'Red Light District'.
  • The Anna Grahm Tavern: An exploration of some various Progressive Anagrams. Included is Dale's work 'The VCR Zodiac Sign Test', which is a Zodiac sign revelation where the participant never has to speak a word. Also includes previously unpublished work with Progressive Anagrams.
  • The Face and Lines: An optical illusion and more; strange happenings are possible with this one. This material is new and appears for the first time in this book.
  • One Hotter Coin: A borrowed coin gets so hot in the spectator's hand that they must drop the coin! (Includes work by Colin McLeod!) This includes the original 'One Hot Coin' from Risk & Reward plus new updates.
  • Alien Amazement: Originally published in Dale's ebook Lunarcy. Cause people to see UFO's!
  • Cubed Roots: Also originally published in Dale's ebook Lunarcy. "Cubed Roots" is a system that is quantum leaps ahead of most other reading systems. You will find within this system a way to produce positive, generative, transformative results. This is a system that combines NLP, "The Cube", and other mind technologies into one cohesive unit, which allows a volunteer or volunteers to experience a life lived to the fullest joy. There is no hypnosis involved in this system, but "Cubed Roots" does use suggestion. "Cubed Roots" is unique in the fact that you require no oracle (although some pendulum work is discussed). The only thing you need to start is a willing participant and the information outlined in "Cubed Roots"!

1st edition 2009; 98 pages.
word count: 39787 which is equivalent to 159 standard pages of text

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