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Hand Shadows Second Series
by Henry Bursill


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Hand Shadows Second Series by Henry Bursill

Have you ever tried to adjust your hands and fingers for a portrait of Shakespeare, a sheep, or a wild Indian? The author of this delightful book of hand shadows spent long hours working out the figures in this book. By following his clear visual instructions (each of the 16 figures in this book is explained by a full-page illustration that shows you the precise positioning for fingers and hands) you can create Shakespeare, a sheep, Wellington, a hare, Mike, Mike's pig, a cockatoo, a bull's head, a squirrel, Mrs. Gamp, Mr. Punch, and other people and animals. After you have mastered these, you will have the skill and be challenged to develop some of your own.

1st edition, 1860, Griffith and Farran, London; reprint, 1971, Dover Publications, New York; 16 pages.

  1. A Relic of Waterloo
  2. Wellington
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Hare
  5. Mike
  6. Mike's Pig
  7. Cockatoo
  8. Sage
  9. Bull's Head
  10. Squirrel
  11. Eagle
  12. Mrs. Gamp
  13. Sheep
  14. Wild Indian
  15. Mr. Punch
  16. Black Swan

word count: 578 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text