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Hand Shadows

by Henry Bursill

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Hand Shadows by Henry Bursill

At some time or other most of us have amused ourselves by casting shadows on the wall with our hands. Hand shadows are an ever-popular diversion, especially with the young. The number and variety of objects that it is possible for you to form, simply by moving your hands and fingers around in different positions, is practically limitless, subject only to your patience and ingenuity.

But figuring out the exact finger positioning is not a simple matter; some shapes are quite difficult to obtain. The author of this delightful picture book of hand shadows spent long hours working out the figures in this book. By following his clear visual instruction (each of the 18 figures in the book is explained by a full-page illustration that shows you the precise positioning for fingers and hands), you can create a boy, camel, goose, deer, grandpa, bunny, bird in flight, ... After you have mastered these, it will be a simple matter to invent shadows of your own.

Parents can use this book to amuse their youngsters, or to teach them to recognize the various animals and other objects pictured here. A distinctly Victorian flavor adds considerable period charm to this collection of original designs.

1st edition, 1859, Griffith and Farran; reprint, 1967, Dover Publications, New York; 18 pages.

  1. Camel
  2. The Goose a Prisoner
  3. Deer
  4. Grandpapa
  5. Bunny
  6. A Bird in Flight
  7. Goat
  8. Dog Toby
  9. An Elephant
  10. Greyhound
  11. Pig
  12. Bruin
  13. A Portrait
  14. Old Growler
  15. Fright
  16. A Tortoise
  17. Boy
  18. Head of a Camel

word count: 575 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text
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