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Headline Hunter
by Maurice Fogel


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Headline Hunter by Maurice Fogel

Fogel's original patter, presentation, handling, and routine are all here. It's an effect that helped take Fogel to the top. It can do so for you.

A trick that took Fogel into many newspaper headlines. This is Fogel's original creation. You walk into any room and ask any person present to collect a few different newspapers ... any type ... any date. Whilst this is being done you write a prediction on a slate, board, or piece of paper according to the conditions under which you are working. This prediction is left in the possession of a spectator. They now select one of the newspapers and discard the rest. From the selected newspaper, they remove one sheet.

Note that up to this moment, you have no knowledge of the identity of the newspapers or their dates. You do not handle any of them. You do not have to see them.

Taking the selected sheet, you tear it in half, then again, and again so that you end up with eight pieces. You take four pieces in each hand, the spectator is asked to choose one pile. NOTE: There is no force about this. They have perfect freedom of choice. This "tearing in halves" of the selected portion is repeated several times and after each tear is made, the spectator decides which pieces are to be used. NOTE: It is important to realize that each time the pieces are torn, the spectator himself decides which shall be used. The final result of all this is that you are left with several pieces of newspaper, each of which contains dozens of words, which could not possibly be known to you.

The spectator now selects any one of the pieces. Remember there is positively no force. The rest are discarded. You invite him to choose either side of his piece of paper and read the words from it. Your prediction is now shown. It coincides perfectly!

Remember that you can walk in anywhere and providing there are a few newspapers available, you can perform the above, exactly as given. A really great effect that is suitable for the pocket, for the closest of close-up use, for "dinner", or cabaret, or performance on the largest stage. Very easy to do.

1st edition 1982, PDF 6 pages.
word count: 2560 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Brian Reaves (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 22 July, 2021

Considering there are a lot of variations of this out there at much higher prices, this is a bargain for what you're getting. There is a setup you'll need to do before the show to create the gimmick you will need. I wish I could say it was a one-time thing, but the problem with doing newspaper reads like this is the fact that you'll have to create a new gimmick about every month or so because of the way newspapers age. That being said, it would not be difficult to adapt this particular method to magazines, which would allow you to keep a gimmick for much longer, although the cost per show of ripping up a magazine is considerably more than a newspaper, and the cost of your setup would be considerably higher.

The explanation for this is very easy to understand. You truly can use random newspapers, and you can even have the venue supply the papers to "up the impossibility" of the situation. It is not impromptu, but after you do the setup you are ready to go for at least a couple of shows if you play it right.