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by Cameron Francis

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Headroom by Cameron Francis

Eight self-working mental magic miracles using playing cards and business cards!

"I really like Either OR, and will be using it. This is worth the price of the PDF in my opinion." - Devin Knight

"'A rough Year, Too' (is) one of the best and fair diary effects I've ever seen." - Raphael Czaja

"Had a chance now to go through this eBook and give the effects some time, thanks Cameron for including me in the review copy list. I have a few of Cameron's releases now and they are all of very high quality and this is no exception. Like many people I tend to lean towards performing mentalism and having a plausible reason for every step I take in a routine, but also have a keen interest in things more magical, which is where Cameron's effects usually come in for me. This I think has bridged a gap. It has the same fun style of Cameron's work but a different slant can be put on this stuff easily. People don't seem to care about stories when looking for a review so I will try to be a little more specific on my reasoning. Firstly, this is all to a very high standard, it looks great, easy to read and nothing is left out. There were a couple of points where I thought a move had been looked over but everything was explained in detail in the next paragraph. The routines are all fun and typical of Cameron, very engaging for an audience. The methods are all very streamlined and include a wide variety of techniques and ideas. I will use some of this material in some close up mentalism sets, and also in magic sets. Sublime Royale is one of my choices and The Best is also great, simple method but will suck people in. Coat is typical Cameron, I had real fun reading this and trying it out, I could picture Cameron performing this as I read it. This is a case where the material does speak for itself, any experience I have had with Cameron before has been excellent and if not this I can't recommend any other release enough." - Olympic Adam (Review from The Magic Cafe)

A ROUGH YEAR, TOO -- A stunning diary effect.

OUT OF TOWNERS -- A prediction and mind reading effect involving an imaginary journey.

SUBLIME ROYALE -- One of the most organic card revelations ever.

THE BEST -- An ultra clean double prediction effect of a name and a card.

ON THE TABLE -- An impromptu miracle. A card placed on the table before the trick starts turns out to be a freely named card.

COAT -- A great prediction effect using business cards that you can carry with you everywhere you go.

SUPER EASY CAAN -- Sure to be the most talked about trick in the booklet. The hit of Cameron's 2010 lecture tour. Any card. Any number. Totally impromptu. You don't know the card. You don't know the number. The spectator does the dealing. Sound good? Well it is.

EITHER OR -- A card and number prediction that's almost completely hands off.

1st edition 2011; 31 pages.

word count: 7896 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text

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