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Henry Ridgely Evans

Henry Ridgely Evans

(Baltimore, Maryland: 7th November 1861 - 29th March 1949)

Inspired as child seeing Albert Niblack. Learned in 1876-77 reading Cremer's The Secret Out and Hoffmann's series in Every Boy's Annual. Journalist, then in U.S. Department of Agriculture 1894-1934. Amateur magician, specializing in history of magic.

Wrote Hours with the Ghosts; or, XIX Century Witchcraft (1897, 302pp; reprinted 1902 as The Spirit World Unmasked), Magic and Its Professors (1902, 220pp), The Old and the New Magic (1906, 348pp; 2nd ed 1909, 516pp), Adventures in Magic (1924, 87pp), The History of Conjuring and Magic (1928, 235pp), Cagliostro (1931, 83pp), A Master of Modern Magic (1932, 58pp), Some Rare Old Books on Conjuring and Magic (1943, 21pp), etc.

USA correspondent for Magic. Also articles under pen name "Mysticus". As a 33rd Degree Mason he wrote several masonic tracts and Magicians and Freemasonry (n.d., 28 unnumbered pages).

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The House of the Sphinx

Henry Ridgely Evans

The House of the Sphinx by Henry Ridgely EvansA novel involving love, mystery, magic and deception.

1st edition 1907, 1st digital edition 2013, 86 pages.

2013 / 10 / 22

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