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Herrmann the Magician
by Hardin Jasper Burlingame


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Herrmann the Magician by Hardin Jasper Burlingame

From the preface:

Having devoted a number of years to the inventing, manufacturing and sale of many of the most popular magical apparatus made in this country, I now present to the reader, biographies of the two great conjurers known to the world under the names of Carl and Alexander Herrmann, both equally famous in their specialties. The main portion of the book is devoted to clear, compact and illustrated descriptions of the best tricks performed by the two Herrmanns, whom I unite under the appellation of Herrmann the Magician, and by other celebrated performers, such as Cazeneuve, Kellar, Vanek, Heller, Samuels, Robert-Houdin, etc.

I call the attention of the reader to the fact that several of the tricks herein described are easily executed in a private parlor, without cumbersome apparatus, thus affording a pleasant pastime for the home circle. The book contains, also, a number of most curious revelations concerning famous stage tricks that have been puzzling the whole world.

  • INTRODUCTION. Psychology of the Art of Conjuring
  • The Conjuring Husband
  • CHAPTER I. Birthplace of Alexander Herrmann; his Family. The Career of his Famous Brother, Carl Herrmann
  • CHAPTER II. The Life and Career of Alexander Herrmann
    • No. 1. Herrmann's Best Handkerchief Trick
    • No. 2. Handkerchief Produced from Bare Hands and then Caused to Vanish
    • No. 3. The Vanishing Handkerchief
    • No. 4. The Color Changing Handkerchief
    • No. 5. Another Method of Making a Silk Handkerchief Change Color
    • No. 6. Changing a Handkerchief into a Billiard Ball
    • No. 7. Making a Solid Billiard Ball Vanish from a Glass of Water
    • No. 8. The Multiplying Billiard Balls
    • No. 9. The Chameleon Billiard Ball
    • No. 10. Samuels' Improved Chameleon Billiard Ball
    • No. 11. Rising Cards
    • No. 12. The Bouquet and the Rising Cards
    • No. 13. The Magic Card Bottle
    • No. 14. Card Printed on a Handkerchief by a Pistol Shot
    • No. 15. Any Card Thought of Disappears to Reappear Elsewhere
    • No. 16. The Bottle and the Flag
    • No. 17. Herrmann's Ring and Bottle Trick
    • No. 18. The Famous Rabbit Trick
    • No. 19. The Multiplying Coins
    • No. 20. Herrmann's Flower Production
    • No. 21. Flower Production on an Empty Plate
    • No. 22. The Great Shooting Trick
    • No. 23. Herrmann's Rice, Cone and Orange Trick
    • No. 24. Herrmann's Kling Klang Trick
    • No. 25. Herrmann's Fish Bowl Production
    • No. 26. Cazeneuve's Card in an Orange
    • No. 27. The Flying Cage
    • No. 28. Chronological Catastrophe and Candle of Mephisto
    • No. 29. Mind Reading by Impression
    • No. 30. Mind Reading. Cards and Questions.
    • No. 31. Spirit Calculator
    • No. 32. Heavy Weights from a Hat
    • No. 33. How to Lift a Bowl Full of Water With the Hand in the Water
    • No. 34. The Magi's Wand
    • No. 35. The Floating Hat, Wand and Table
    • No. 36. The Artist's Dream
    • No. 37. The Vanishing Lady
    • No. 38. The Spiritualistic Sack
    • No. 39. Decapitation by Vanek
    • No. 40. Decapitation by Herrmann
    • No. 41. The Indian Mail
    • No. 42. Modern Black Art
    • No. 43. The Escape from Sing Sing
    • No. 44. The Enchanted Organ or the Unexpected Supper
    • No. 45. The Mystery of She
    • No. 46. Modern Metempsychosis
    • No. 47. The Great Flight of Objects
    • No. 48. The Cocoon
    • No. 49. Silent Thought Transmission
    • No. 50. A Comedy of Errors
1st edition 1897, 299 pages; PDF 126 pages.
word count: 59141 which is equivalent to 236 standard pages of text

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