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Hexagnosis by Unknown Mentalist

Hexagnosis comes with a specially produced card the size of a regular credit card which you can carry in your wallet or pocket.

Now this is a double-sided weapon so you can perform various routines from both sides of the included Hexagnosis 2.0 card.

The word 'Hexagnosis' is derived from prognosis. The meaning of prognosis is 'a forecast of the likely outcome of a situation'. Hexagnosis means 'the forecast of the likely outcome of a situation which has six possible outcomes.'

The performer predicts, very cleanly and accurately, the exact choice of a participant from among six possible options. The participant has an absolutely free choice and there is no force. The principle is so simple and powerful that you will find yourself performing this almost every day, to any new person you may meet.

The underlying principle is extremely flexible too. A participant can make a list of any six names or personal objects or places or goals or living & dead names etc and choose anyone from among these options. Your prediction of these one-in-six choices will always be spot on.

There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges, no secret writings, no peeks, no impressions, no switches, no stacks, no tech, no math, no tearing, no instant stooging, no dual reality.

But for the included gimmick and your business card, which you may choose to use, this principle is quite impromptu and almost propless.

You will find that the potential of this simple and powerful principle is vast and the only limit for its creative usage is your own imagination.

Hexagnosis can be performed in virtual shows, video calls, face-to-face in close up, parlor, street venues etc.

"I think Hexagnosis is brilliant. I would number them as I reveal it. It will. have many uses!" - Marc Salem

1st edition 2016, PDF 23 pages + card.

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 03 September, 2016

The UNKNOWN MENTALIST has done it again!!! This will blend in very well with COINCIDENCE. In fact, if you like COINCIDENCE you'll love HEXAGNOSIS!!! This in my opinion is a very easy (which still takes some practice) way to predict any one of six outs. This is another effect I will use. In fact, I like so many effects from THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST it will be difficult to decide what to use. I guess I have a lifetime supply of effects!!!

Reviewed by Simon Hood (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 25 August, 2016

Extremely clever idea. Amazing prediction method for any 1 in 6 routine. Its simplicity simply kills. A great companion to the 1 in 5 method of Coin'cidence and 1 in 7 method of Absolute & Ultimate Coin'cidence. Together they are a fantastic threesome and you are ready all the time for any impromptu performance. Just a few business cards is all you need to have on you. Very flexible addition to my tool box. Hexagnosis is a lovely new principle. When I read it, I got the 'why didn't I think of this myself' feeling. Easy, simple, clever, powerful, flexible. And yet leaves enough space for me to put my own'performance stamp' on it. Definitely recommended.