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How to Develop Mental Magic
by Paul R. Hadley


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How to Develop Mental Magic by Paul R. Hadley

This coursebook teaches how to build a two-person mentalism act, allowing names, dates, personal effects, and more to be quickly and effectively transmitted and described without the use of electronics or gimmicks.

Audiences will gasp in amazement as they witness your sensational and uncanny demonstration of apparent psychic ability between you and your "medium" or "telepath." Spectator questions, personal articles, birthdates, pocket change, jewelry, and more are revealed by the on-stage psychic.

If you've seen the motion picture "Nightmare Alley," you've had a glimpse at how mesmerizing this act is for the audience. You can play it straight (as in the movie) or in a more light-hearted manner, such as performed by Tommy and Liz Tucker or Falkenstein and Willard.

This coursebook, laid out in a convenient lesson format, guides nearly any two people, with a little persistence and practice, to learn the act. Don't have someone to play the role of the medium? The author also reveals how he uses an audience member to act as the psychic. A terrific idea for corporate gigs!


Even if you don't use the code, you'll find value in this ebook. The author teaches how to put on a mentalism performance, handling hecklers, how to conduct yourself, how to start the performance, use a blindfold, how to finish the act, and what to do after the performance. The ebook also contains a wealth of information on the all-important task of how to obtain bookings. After all, even if you have the best act in the world, no one will hire you if they don't know you exist.


This edition updates the original material with additions to the code, and also corrects the errors that crept into the first edition.


This is perhaps the most valuable part of the ebook for any mentalist. It contains a complete transcript of an actual mentalism act, as performed by the author and his partner. It's almost like being in the audience to watch the performance, with the added benefit that you'll also know exactly how it was done.

"An excellent book from which to learn a Two-person Code Act. [Hadley] gives presentation tips that must be invaluable to any mentalist, and he also tells you how to book your act. Highly recommended." - Owen Griffiths

1st edition 1961, PDF 136 pages.
word count: 34393 which is equivalent to 137 standard pages of text