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How To Do The Electric Chairs
by Devin Knight


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How To Do The Electric Chairs by Devin Knight

This is probably one of the most ancient of all comedy effects, yet strong enough and entertaining enough to be part of the performance of many leading entertainers. The late mentalist Maurice Fogel made a big hit with this in his show.

The basic effect is that five to six spectators are invited to the front and sit in chairs. In a few moments, they jump up and scream, saying that their chair shocked them. The chairs are examined and found to be ordinary; the moment they sit down, they jump up again, saying they were shocked again. This is repeated as often as the performer wishes. The performer even sits in a chair to show it has no effect on him, yet the moment a spectator sits back in the chair, he jumps up with a yell.

Some spectators will even refuse to sit back in the chair, which creates more laughter with the audience.

This effect is suitable for club, parlor, stage shows and television. It works equally as well for either children or adults. You can use any chairs. No electric chairs needed. This can be done with one person or a dozen on stage and uses the concept of instant stooges.

This is one of the funniest bits you can do in your show. Learn the real secrets in this PDF as used by leading professionals. Note: There is no harm or danger to the volunteers.

1st edition 2018, 6 pages.
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