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How'd Ja Do That?
by Julien J. Proskauer


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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How'd Ja Do That? by Julien J. Proskauer

This was a piracy of Hugh J. Johnston's and F. B. Sterling's book Modern Card Miracles.

A treatise on card systems and setups, as well as effects that will fool laymen and magicians alike!

Presentation, secrets, routine and patter are all included. Because most of the effects rely on subtlety instead of difficult sleights, even amateur performers can now fool with professional-caliber presentations. Included are card miracles for parlor, platform, club and stage, as well as effects that will garner free publicity if performed for newspaper editors and reporters. While advertisements say that no sleight of hand is required, one simple sleight is recommended and is explained in the ebook.

Learn the inside secrets of professionals, including some excellent false shuffles and cuts and mental effects. Plus, the digital edition includes important corrections not included in the original, limited edition print book, that now bring the effects into the miracle class!

Chapters include: Introduction; Preface; Psychology in Magic; Arranging the Deck, plus an Essential Sleight; False Shuffles and Cuts; Deck Switches, Card Locations and Rapid Counting; Mental and "Spirit" Effects; Two-Person Mindreading (But Done by One Person Instead); Gambling Demonstrations and the $10,000 Challenge; Additional Effects from Some of Magic's Most Learned Authors and Performers; About the Author; Supplement.

Read these rave reviews from those in the know who have studied this book already:

"Saw you do the X-Ray Joker trick at the Society of American Magician's meeting. Send me the book that tells this secret quickly. I want the jump on the rest of the gang, for that one stunt is worth the price of ten books." - Dr. Harlan Tarbell

"I consider 'How'd Ja Do That?' a fine book and worthy of a prominent place in every magician's library. Every effect is so simple for the performer to do, and yet so amazing to the spectator. Anyone interested in magic should read this book." - Al Baker

"I have just completed carefully going thru the book and I want to let you know what a fine bit of work you have done. Your logic is sound and you have made a textbook on the subject. I hope that those that study it will appreciate how you have brought the cream into one bottle. Let me congratulate you." - J. Elder Blackledge

"Take a pack of cards and Proskauer's book and you can wow them." - W. J. Hilliard, "The Billboard"

"Proskauer [has] baffled prominent magi with his presentations of feats based on arranged decks, practical deck switches, false shuffles and cuts. An excellent manual." - Tom Boyer, Linking Ring review

1st edition 1936, 99 pages.
word count: 25661 which is equivalent to 102 standard pages of text