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I Did It My Way
by Billy McComb

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I Did It My Way by Billy McComb

In the pages of this booklet Billy goes fully through the great material which earned him such a tremendous ovation at the Supreme 2nd Magical Weekend.

Contents include:

  • The True Secret of Magic - Introduction.
  • Cut & Gone Rope (a rope is cut and then disappears).
  • The Williamised Spider
  • Torn and Restored Airmail Letter. Simple; Amusing; complete with all the patter, this was one of the hits of the lecture. It could be a hit in your show.
  • Eye-level, One-Man Card Vanish (crazy trick, yet absolutely baffling)
  • A Variation on a Theme - A rope and a ring. The audience are let in on the secret, yet are baffled in the end. Several different methods are given.
  • The Seven-Cornered Hanky: tie two corners of a handkerchief together, the spectator holds the knot. Tie another two corners together and a second spectator holds the knot. Tie... another two corners together and the spectator holds this knot !?!- Six corners of one Square hanky and there's still one corner left over ... A crazy offbeat effect.
  • The Magician's Rabbit does a Trick (and there's another way if you don't have a rabbit); "You do as I do" with a rabbit or invisible leprechaun - a whole sequence of surprises.
  • The Card in the Cigarette
  • Uncles Will Slates - an entertaining routine with a couple of Slates.
  • The Five Rings of William
Many of the effects are fully illustrated.

1st edition 1972, PDF 20 pages.
word count: 5864 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text