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One (Daniel Madison)
by Daniel Madison

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One (Daniel Madison) by Daniel Madison

Deception, subterfuge and a deck of cards.

The debut lecture notes from Daniel Madison. In 2005 Daniel held a private and invite-only lecture called ONE held at a secret location at the Blackpool convention, it was the success of this lecture that launched Daniel into the underground magic scene as a leading underground artist.

The 45-minute lecture led to his notes completely selling out. The lecture went down in history as the first of it's kind and the notes continue to sell to an audience of underground magicians across the world. Now available as an exclusive PDF instant download, the 31 page, fully illustrated document - now in it's 3rd edition - praised by some of the worlds leading magicians can be yours in a matter of seconds.

11 new card magic + psychological illusions. 5 new sleight of hand techniques. 31 pages of modern underground magic.

  • Cameo - an impromptu sandwich routine ending with the signed card in the performers pocket
  • Lapse - a card to pocket with an impossible transposition
  • Monte sonata - two-card monte without the deck
  • Selective - a safe any card at any number
  • Heritage - the spectator deals the 5th card to make up a perfect 5-card poker hand – this is a safeguard method for the effect used by D Brown in ‘Inside your Mind’
  • Complete - the performer correctly predicts the spectators completely free selection of any 5-cards
  • 180 - a psychological force - predict with 100% accuracy any thought of playing card
  • Father Figure a psychological force - predict with 100% accuracy any thought of playing card
  • Fatal - an impossible signed-card transposition between two cards from different decks
  • Scripture - a revelation effect – this effect was released early 2006 as fine scripture
  • Under the Influence a drunken 4-card revelation
On top of all of the above, you will also discover six new sleights including three new forces; forty illustrated pages of pure modern card-work; grab a deck of cards and prepare to amaze.

New sleights taught in one: the turnover pass; the emotion force; the raining force; the 180 placement; the silent switch

1st edition 2005; 31 pages.
word count: 16868 which is equivalent to 67 standard pages of text