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Blood by Daniel Madison

Learn how to mark your cards with a professional card cheating system. Daniel has been a professional card cheat. He has the injuries to proof a near fatal beating due to an exposed sleight. If you want the real stuff, then here is the manuscript to read.

Bicycle Rider Back; Bicycle League Back; Tally-Ho Fan Back; Tally-Ho Circle Back + The first ever marking system for the David Blaine Split Spades.

Blood is a system for applying secret markings to the back of playing cards that can only be distinguished by the performer and are invisible to the naked eye of the spectator.

The system has been developed from an old marking system once used by professional card cheats in the UK known simply as Blood.

The Blood Marking System covers not only how to apply the simple, overlooked and very easy to apply markings but how to utilize the marked deck to the best of its achievements and ultimately teaches performance techniques that allow any possibilities of the markings ever being spotted by spectator to be bypassed and never questioned.

Developed and designed to help the modern performer avoid spending a fortune on specially printed marked decks, The Blood Marking System offers a devious and simple idea that can convert your regular deck into the ultimate card-magicians tool.

1st edition 2008; 30 pages.
word count: 11609 which is equivalent to 46 standard pages of text