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Impossible Foldings Volume 1
by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph


(1 review, 7 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Impossible Foldings Volume 1 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ralf Rudolph explains three impossible looking objects which you can make from paper or paper money. Remember that there is no gluing and there are no hidden cuts. You take pieces of paper, fold, cut, braid and interlock them to achieve these beautiful objects. Surprisingly they are very simple to make once you know how.

The three impossible objects taught are:

  • Braided Bills: Two bills are cut, folded and woven together.
  • Inside-Out Banknote: An individual bill is cut an folded in a way that looks completely impossible.
  • Braided Pyramid: You fold one bill into a pyramid shape and then cut and braid it into a beautiful piece of art.

1st edition 2014, length 21 min 24 sec

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Reviewed by Paul Tutherow
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 02 March, 2015

I saw one of the impossible objects from volume 2 and was immediately intrigued. I decided to start with this volume and work my way through the series. I was concerned that there is no written instruction and this is only a video. I believe later volumes have appendix files, but this one was only the video explanation.

The video included plenty of detail and I had folded my first impossible object within minutes of viewing. There are three models demonstrated. The first is interweaving two bills. Although the completed model appears very complex it was actually fairly simple to follow along. This is the only model of the three which uses more than one bill.

The second demonstration is the Inside-Out Bill which is difficult to explain. The basic model is demonstrated and can be made easily by following along as the demonstrator slowly walks through the process step-by-step. At the end of this segment several variations are displayed but instruction is not provided. It took me a while to replicate one of the variations but completing this on my own was very rewarding and once I had it I realized it was really as simple as the basic model.

I will point out that I practiced the variation on printer paper. This is not a good paper to practice on. Once I switched to the bill to make my model, it was much easier to manipulate. Of course, printer paper is cheaper.

The final segment was the pyramid which is pictured along side this product. It is very similar to the interwoven bill but it only uses one bill instead of two. Again, with the instruction it was not difficult to complete at all.

Overall the value for this product is very high. The instruction is details and the models are simple enough anyone should be able to complete something within a few minutes. Attempting to work out the variations on the second model adds value to this package.

I would happily recommend this video to anyone interested in learning more about Impossible Folds. I will be purchasing the next video in this series soon.

~Paul Tutherow

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