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Impromptu Card Tricks
by Mago Marko

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Impromptu Card Tricks by Mago Marko

In this fantastic ebook, you'll find the truly impromptu tricks found in The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, together with dozens of notes not found in the original. These notes add new and interesting tricks and fresh ideas for presentation and even patter in some instances. But that's not all. We have added many illustrations that help clarify the description of certain tricks. Another thing we have done is adding, in some cases, the original advertisements that were used to sell these tricks when they were put on sale way back then.

Truly impromptu means that you take a normal shuffled deck and immediately, with no preparation whatsoever, you perform miracles. A very small portion of these tricks require a piece of paper and a pencil to write a prediction, but that's it, and for almost the totality you don't need anything more than the normal and shuffled deck of cards. We have chosen the tricks that meet this criterion from both Glenn Gravatt's original Encyclopedia and Jean Hugard's later version, and we have complemented them with dozens of helpful notes, illustrations, and historical advertisements to provide you with a book full of excellent and impressive impromptu tricks that you will perform.

Impromptu Card Tricks covers the full gamut of card magic effects:

  • Locations and revelations
  • Predictions
  • Vanishes
  • Coincidences
  • Spelling
  • Novelty effects

Here is the contents of Impromptu Card Tricks:

  1. The Card Miracle - "Certain"
  2. The Spirit Mathematician
  3. Coincidence Extraordinary
  4. Modernism In Mentalism
  5. Out On Location
  6. U Bite
  7. Sure Locator
  8. Do It Yourself Discovery
  9. Psychic Card Feat
  10. Hocus Pocus Card
  11. Four To One Detection
  12. Assistance Card Trick
  13. The Magi's Detection
  14. Easy Card Discovery
  15. New Card Discovery
  16. Keystone Card Discovery
  17. Infallible Detection
  18. Upside Down
  19. Five Card Mental Force
  20. "Just Think" Mental Mystery
  21. The Finger Points
  22. In The Dark
  23. In His Pocket
  24. Simplicity Four Aces
  25. Simplicity Four Aces Number Two
  26. Count Down Mystery
  27. Self Control
  28. Card Detected By Pulse Beat
  29. Master Mental Mystery
  30. Improved Satan's Prophecy
  31. The Vanishing Pair
  32. The Unknown Leaper
  33. The Flush Trick
  34. Hourglass Cards
  35. Wonderful Color Divination
  36. Demon's Detection
  37. Incomprehensible Destroyed Card
  38. Ideal Card Divination
  39. The Whispering Queen
  40. Mental Telepathy
  41. Knockout Counting Trick
  42. Card And Number
  43. The Piles
  44. The Slap Trick
  45. Princess Card Trick
  46. The Eclipse Vanish
  47. Thought Card From Pocket
  48. New Reverse Card
  49. Inseparable Aces
  50. Improved Pocket To Pocket
  51. Master Riddle
  52. Tuned Minds
  53. Unique Thought Card Discovery
  54. Gravatt's Sympathetic Prediction
  55. Kli Ban's Card Trick Number One
  56. Kli Ban's Card Trick Number 2
  57. Number, Please!
  58. A Card Trick Without Cards
  59. Watch His Elbow
  60. Unique Rising Card
  61. Master Card Location
  62. The Merry Mix Up
  63. Triple Card Mystery
  64. Perplexo
  65. Uni Mentality
  66. Smart Location
  67. Peculiarities Of The Pasteboards
  68. Improved Super Memory
  69. Face Up Location
  70. The Three Heaps
  71. Necromantic Calculation
  72. Double Prediction
  73. Location
  74. Indetecto
  75. The Quartet
  76. The 52 Card Trick
  77. One By The Author
  78. Mentalo
  79. Prediction
  80. Under Cover
  81. Behind The Back
  82. Behind The Back (No. 2)
  83. Spectator's Choice
  84. A Prediction
  85. The Mystic Seven
  86. Face Down Detection
  87. Two Card Location
  88. Cut In Detection
  89. Think Of A Card
  90. The Trio
  91. The Card And Number
  92. Devilish Cards
  93. Tone Control
  94. Comedy Twin Card Prediction
  95. Twin Souls
  96. Stop Predicto
  97. U Find Your Card
  98. Detected By Pulse Beat
  99. Its Up To You
  100. Wierdo
  101. The Sagacious Joker
  102. Sagacious Joker (Second Method
  103. Sagacious Joker (Improved)
  104. The Author's Sagacious Joker
  105. The Magic Breath
  106. Paradox Of Pairs
  107. Simplified Reverse
  108. The Haley Reversed Card
  109. The Psychological Stop Trick
  110. Number, Please!
  111. The Case Of The Four Kings
  112. Miraskill
  113. Miracle Card Location
  114. The Life Saver
  115. Mckay's Card Transmission
  116. Spelling A Card
  117. Farelli's Impromptu Speller
  118. An Easy Spelling Trick
  119. The New Spell
  120. Duplex Comedy Speller
  121. Howard's Simplex Speller
  122. U Spell Your Card
  123. You Selected The----
  124. Knockout Speller
  125. Perfection Speller
  126. Automatic Speller
  127. Ben Erens Superlative Speller
  128. Jordan's Wizard Spelling Master
  129. Spellino
  130. Spellino Climax

1st edition 2024, PDF 167 pages.
word count: 74171 which is equivalent to 296 standard pages of text

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