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Mago Marko

Mago Marko

Besides being a professional magician with more than 50 years of experience, Marko is a well-known author of magic books in Spanish. He was the creator of The Learned Pig Project, which was the Internet's first and most important online library of magic books. He publishes a monthly magic magazine in Spanish.

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Mago Marko
Showstuff by Mago Marko

There are many books published for the card magician, the close-up magician, the mentalist, the illusionist, and even the kid show performer but there are very few books for the general practitioner of club and stage magic.

Showstuff caters to that neglected segment of the magic community. In this ebook, you'll find more than 50 tricks and routines, all of them professionally tested.

  • Original showy tricks for your club and stage shows.
  • Comedy routines that will get you laughs.
  • New uses for common magic props you own.
  • Strong closing items that will add professional luster to your show...
★★★★★ $15
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