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Rediscovered Wonders
by Mago Marko

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Rediscovered Wonders by Mago Marko

Timeless magic for today's audiences.

A captivating collection of little-known magic routines meticulously curated for modern performers. Dive into the world of enchantment as you uncover a treasure trove of almost forgotten tricks rejuvenated for today's audiences.

This ebook offers an array of easy-to-master yet impactful routines that will leave your audience spellbound. Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting on your magical journey, these routines are designed to captivate and astonish, ensuring unforgettable performances every time. Rediscover the joy of magic and delight your spectators with the timeless wonders found within these pages.

In Rediscovered Wonders you will find the following tricks and routines:

THE INDESTRUCTIBLE RIBBON: A ribbon wrapped in paper. You cut both things with scissors but, mysteriously, the ribbon is intact. Do this one under their noses. No sleights, fakes or gimmicks whatsoever.

SNAPPY: A great variation of the above but this time with a rubber band. You cut both rubber band and paper but the band remains intact. Great for close-up performance.

MAXI-MINIMALISM: A forgotten trick by T. Nelson Downs. You have one coin in your hand but a spectator, by some kind of "influence" sees two coins. Next he sees the image of a chosen card and can reveal it. As a climax, the magician reveals four chosen cards using the date on a borrowed coin.

THE MAGI'S CARDS: This one is very good and has lots of applications for commercial magic. I give you three routines. In the original, you reveal two thought-of words plus a thought-of number. In one of my routines you use the "Dream Vacation" mental plot and reveal a country, an airline and the name of a hotel, all freely thought. I give you a third routine using some very disturbing portraits where you reveal a freely thought-of character.

THE YARN PREDICTION: A Stewart James original I have in my own working repertoire. I give you all the details for an effective performance. The effect is a double prediction found inside a rubber-banded box wrapped in a ball of wool. The patter is given and it is great.

BERNAT: Juan Bernat was a Spanish magician and the first to win in two categories in the famous FISM convention. He is unknown outside of Spain and here I give you three of his tricks. The first one is a card at any number revelation that he performed in his award-winning act. Then I give you his self-knotting and self-unknotting silk. These two tricks (which you can perform one after the other) are a work of beauty and very easy to perform. Visible magic at its best. Not a fake knot.

SWASTRICKA: I have added little touches to this excellent Stewart James origination and the result is a routine you can do on informal occasions that will hold your audience spellbound and they will discover things they didn't know.

CYLINDERS AND DISCS: You reveal a thought-of playing card and a thought-of word. Plus you show your audience a couple of devices they have never seen in their lives. I give you enough material for you to build a very intriguing patter script around this.

KNOCK 'EM DEAD: A very practical and direct prediction. Spectator deals cards from a normal deck. He stops in any card he wants and that's the one predicted. The audience can examine the deck until kingdom come because it's a normal deck.

FOUR QUEENS AND A HANDKERCHIEF: Four Queens, one on each corner of a spread handkerchief. You cover one with a piece of paper and the other three magically travel and all gather under the paper. This is a no-sleight version of this trick. It's very clean and surprising. A lost gem from 1923.

A JORDAN COMBINATION: A deck of cards is mixed using an automatic shuffler. A spectator freely names any suit and takes the first six cards of that suit from the shuffled deck. He adds the values and the total is what you predicted. You can use this secret for many other tricks. This one is great.

THE WONDER FORCE: Charles T. Jordan original and incredible force enhanced by the use of a mechanical card shuffler. You can also use this as a prediction.

ROPE: A 100% professional routine. You show a prediction, and the audience chooses which item you will use to perform your next trick (they always choose rope). You reveal your prediction, and the word "Rope" is seen written in chalk. Then you pull the word "Rope" off the slate and it turns into a real rope with which you perform your favorite rope routine.

ANOTHER CUT AND RESTORED: A very clean and magical cut and restored effect in which you cut a handkerchief in half and then restore it without any cover. I give you a great idea that takes this trick to near perfection.

1st edition 2024, PDF 62 pages.
word count: 23980 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text