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Indian Cups and Balls Primer
by Sam Dalal

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Indian Cups and Balls Primer by Sam Dalal

Like the Billiard Balls, and Linking Rings the Indian Cups and Balls have become a classic of Magic. The apparatus is "designed" exclusively for Magic... (like the Linking rings), one does not come across such things in everyday life. While this may not find favour with many performers, whose idea of magic is to perform miracles with "everyday" objects,...their very design makes possible miracles of a type not possible with many other objects. For unlike Silk Cabbies, and Ghost Tubes, there is nothing fake about the apparatus itself...but their shape and construction make possible a surprising variety of appearances and vanishes.

As the title indicates, this book is a "primer" of basic moves. Once these are mastered, routines may be built up. The moves are accurately described on the basis of practical performance with the sets supplied...playing around with them will help you to develop moves and subtleties of your own.

The sleights required are extremely simple, ... and can be learnt in a few minutes. Subsequent performances will add finesse and grace...permitting you to perform apparent miracles. One or two require a "knack" ... like learning to mount a bicycle. It might prove difficult for a couple of attempts ... and then you suddenly get the "hang" of it...and you can never again go wrong.

After you've learnt what basics this booklet can devise your own routines...or pick up one from one of the more advanced books on the market. But even if you were to go no will have a delightful addition to your repertoire...ready for a performance at any time...with 3 cups... and a couple of balls.

  • Introduction
  • Working Conditions
  • I. Basics
  • Sleights & Subtleties
  • The False Loading
  • The Secret Loading
  • The Steal
  • The One Ahead
  • Specimen Routine

1st edition ~1973, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 2081 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text