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The Cups: a manual of cups and balls magic

by Roy Fromer

(6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Cups: a manual of cups and balls magic by Roy Fromer

Contains over 100 ideas, tricks, routines and novelties with the Cups and Balls. Contains over 40 illustrations, engravings and photos. Includes the original Mohammed Bey routines and three authentic Easy Indian Cup routines. For beginners and experts alike.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Publisher's Note
  • Introduction

    About 'The Cups'

  • The Basic Routine

    My Cup Runneth Over

  • Pot Holes
  • The Society Cups And Balls
  • The Traveling Skulls
  • Emergency Cups
  • Close-Up Cups
  • Impromptu Close-Up Cups
  • Avant-Garde Cups
  • Thimblerigging
  • Mechanical Cups
  • The Foo Cup
  • The Walking Cups
  • ...And Talking Cups
  • With Cocktail Shakers
  • The Hobo Cups And Balls
  • Christmas Cups
  • Ball And Moustache Cup
  • Styrofoam Cups
  • The $12.50 Carpet Tape Secret
  • Paper Cup Picnic
  • The Homing Ball
  • Liquid Tumblers
  • Disposable Cups And Balls
  • Passe' Goldfish Cup

    Rolling Stones

  • Expert Ball Control
  • A Clown Gag
  • X-Rated Cups And Balls
  • The Running Ball
  • The Pin Ball
  • Trapped Air
  • Sponge Ball To Cube Or Rabbit
  • Ball To Egg Finale
  • Balls To Fruit
  • Oriental Paper Balls
  • Jamison Kinks With Sponge Balls

    Four Passes

  • The Improved French Drop
  • The Thumb Catch
  • "Tarzan" Pass
  • The Elbow Catch Vanish


  • The Grand Finale
  • The Classic Method
  • Lapping
  • The Budget Bag
  • A Simple Servante
  • Tea Cup Hangers
  • Coffee, Tea Or Milk?
  • Silk Production Finale
  • Sport Sponges
  • Pop-Up Production
  • Another Liquid Production

    Performing Surfaces

  • Ball Traps
  • A Cloth Flap
  • Stretch Edge Art

    A Note From Tony Shiels Of England


  • A Dog Act
  • My Puppet Routine
  • The "Crown Royal" Bag
  • Some Novelty Routines
  • The Platform Lecturer
  • For Further Reading
  • Three "Dream" Tricks
  • A Dai Vernon Gag
  • Horowitz On Malini
  • A Card Trick? Turtles?, Pool Balls?, Mentalism?

    Three Authentic Routines For East Indian Cups

  • Routine #1
  • #2 A Short Close-Up Routine
  • Routine #3
  • Five Sleights With The East Indian Cups And Balls

    In Living Tribute

    'The Cups Of Cairo'

  • My Routine With The Cups And Balls


  • A Cup O'kindness For Auld Lang Syne

1st edition 1972, PDF 52 pages.
word count: 14809 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text

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