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Ireland's Year Book 1945

by Laurie Ireland
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Ireland's Year Book 1945 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Unique Twentieth Century Silks
  • Glen Gloye's Necktie Trick
  • Practical Suggestions For The Welsh Rarebit Pan
  • Card Filtration
  • Back To Back
  • Betchas
  • The Magic Sharpshooter
  • Reversette
  • An Original Routine With The Milk Pitcher And Other Items Most Magicians Have
  • Wild Beer
  • My Favorite Card Routine
  • Cold Fire — The Magic Torch
  • The Earl Morgan Floating Ball
  • Using A Dart Board
  • Balloon To A Bouquet Of Flowers
  • The Hindu Rope Trick
  • The Z Ray Box
  • The Inexhaustible Hat
  • Tantalizing Thimbles
  • Rodeo Magic
  • "That's All" Wand
  • A New Idea On The 20th Century Trick
  • The Joe Sherman Spelling Card Trick
  • The Supreme Closing Effect
  • The Popping Silks
  • The Flat Rabbit Comes To Life
  • Cigarette Pack To Match Box
  • The William Dolezal Escape Box
  • Yogi Ray's Tips On Spring Flowers
1st edition 1945, 34 pages; PDF 40 pages.
word count: 17276 which is equivalent to 69 standard pages of text
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