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Ireland's Year Book 1949

by Laurie Ireland
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Ireland's Year Book 1949 by Laurie Ireland
  • About The Year Book . . .
  • A Detective's Dream
  • New Effect For The Color Changing Knife Routine
  • Card Force For The Stage
  • Knock Out Prediction
  • Unsigned - Sealed - Delivered
  • Thumb Fun
  • Comedy Bit With The Wrist Chopper
  • The Easy Comedy Golf Ball Routine
  • Self Working Double Load Lota, With A Comedy Routine
  • A Modern You Do As I Do Trick
  • The Invisible Card Routine
  • Rubber Ice Cream Cone Routine
  • The Boomerang Card
  • Jack Yeager's Portfolio Of Magic Tricks And Ideas
    • A Bar Gag
    • "Flash" Cigarette In Handkerchief
    • The Yeager Four Ace Trick
    • Card In Egg Routine De Luxe
    • Intimate Bottle Levitation
    • Card Catching Rope
    • New Dress For The Passe Trick
    • The Appearing Knot
    • Unique Card Stabbing
    • The Book Test X
    • Three Nest Of Boxes
    • The Vanishing Reds
    • Home Made Handkerchief Gun
    • Reproduce The Silk Magically
    • As The Penny Flies
    • The Mental Magic Cards
    • Shower Of Flowers
    • Finish For A Cigarette Act
    • Spirit Tears
    • The Hook Knife
  • Flip Flowers
  • Thompson's Great Super-Sillyous Comedy Card Frame Routine
  • Magical Business
  • Dollar Bill Stunt
  • A Possible Impossibility - Escape From A Rope
  • Strip Deck Idea
  • Ring In The Shoe String Tie
  • Idea For The Rabbit Trap
  • Floating Golf Ball
  • Silk Vanishing Pencil
  • The Golden Illusion
  • "Rabbits Is Extra" Some Inside Dope On Playing Children's Shows
1st edition 1949, 44 pages; PDF 51 pages.
word count: 22408 which is equivalent to 89 standard pages of text
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