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Ireland's Year Book 1946

by Laurie Ireland
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Ireland's Year Book 1946 by Laurie Ireland
  • My Blendo Load
  • Amazing Coincidence
  • You Can't Lose - Apparently!
  • Okito Goes Mental
  • My Favorite Routine With Otto The Duck
  • Two Tips On Tricks
  • One Card In 52
  • Dice Stack Addenda
  • A New Idea On Rising Cards
  • Confetti And Milk
  • Method For An Unprepared Blendo
  • Drink Your Milk
  • Cut Ribbon Gag
  • About Tables
  • Wine To Beer A Chemical Trick
  • Utility Glass
  • The Floating Glass
  • Candy From The Air
  • Paper Lady An Illusion For Production Of A Girl
  • An Addition To Reversette
  • The Crystal Flame
  • The Magic House
  • Checkers To Pear To Rice
  • Colossal Glass Of Beer Production
  • Tic Tac Toe - A Super Mental Stunt
  • The Card In The Noose
  • A Bar Bet
  • Production Of A Real Lit Cigar
  • Aladdin's Lamp
  • Block And Wand Penetration
  • Utility Folder For Sucker Effects
  • One, Two, Three
  • Routining For The 'Little Fellow'
1st edition 1946, 34 pages; PDF 47 pages.
word count: 13927 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text
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