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Irresistible Close-Up Magic
by Duraty


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Irresistible Close-Up Magic by Duraty

The best routines of a french magician well known for his creativity and efficiency.

Duraty says: "The effects gathered in this book represent more than 40 years of close-up performances. Endowed with just an average skill, I always gave preference to the most practical and easiest methods for I consider that effects are the only part that counts. I perform magic to amaze and surprise lay audiences rather than showing off in front of other magicians.

In my opinion, skill must remain hidden, flourishes and magical juggling demonstrations are not compatible with the idea I formed of magic, Real Magic. Hence this book offers routines using a variety of objects and, next to the great classics revisited like the cups and balls or the Chinese linking rings, you'll find impromptu tricks and unusual creations."


  • Bungee Jumping
  • The Strongest Link
  • Ball and Vase
  • The Chinese Purse
  • The Ghost Glass
  • Ear Plug
  • The Kleptomaniac
  • The Jumping Ring
  • Out of Africa
  • Enclavor
  • Liberator
  • The Torn Bill
  • Silver and Gold
  • The Duraty C&Bs
  • The Flying Apple
  • Through the Hand
  • Variations on an Hair Line
  • The Devilish Duo
  • The Duraty Bill
  • Nowhere and Elsewhere
  • Do you have the Balls?
  • Back Stage Grand Illusion
  • A Roper
  • Mercy for the Billionaires
  • Watch such a Deal
  • Ikea Nuts and Bold
  • Sheeps or Hens
  • Same Feedback
  • The Energetic Performer
  • Compound Interests
  • Into the Rings for Fame
Some comments

"I truly enjoyed reading Duraty's book and I found it to be both creative and entertaining. He is obviously a working professional magician and it shows in the practicality and entertainment value of his material." - Daryl

"I love creativity and this book is creativity at its best: easy to perform close-up with everyday objects that every one knows. I wish I had done records of the practical ideas that came to my mind over the years as Duraty did. A great book for real workers." - Pete Biro

"The tricks in Duraty's book can deceive the most knowledgeable swindlers with ways and means that had never been explored before..." - Pop Haydn

"This is just the kind of magic I love." - Eric Jones

"I have always believed that our magic should be simple and effective just like real magic is. Well, the good news is that Duraty's magic is simple and effective! Plus, it is entertaining, original and easy to master. I am sure you will find something in this book that you will add to your arsenal. Duraty is one of our national treasures in France and now it's your turn to discover his wonderful creations!" - Boris Wild

1st edition 2015, 220 pages, 450 images.
word count: 48175 which is equivalent to 192 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Bill Palmer (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 05 December, 2021

I've done close-up magic for more than 60 years, under every working condition imaginable, and for audiences of every level of social standing, from drunk rednecks to English royalty. This is the kind of magic that will make you a more versatile performer.

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