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James Randi

James Randi

(Leaside, Toronto, Canada: August 7th, 1928 - October 20th, 2020)

James Randi was born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge and is a Canadian American stage magician and scientific skeptic best known as a challenger of paranormal claims and pseudoscience. Randi is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). Randi began his career as a magician, as The Amazing Randi, but when he retired at age 60, he switched to investigating paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims.

Inspired at age 12 seeing Blackstone show, then self-taught by buying tricks. Pro since 1946 (age 17) when joined travelling carnival as pseudo-psychic mentalist "Prince Ibis". Moved to USA in 1948. Thence pro escape artist and straight magic. Invented and marketed Ghost Window in 1958. A leading debunker of psychic fraud. Co-founded CSICOP in 1976. 1986 McArthur Foundation Fellowship ($272,000 over 5 years). SAM Hall of Fame. 1989 CMI Order of Magic Lamp.

In 1989 he designated Dean Gunnarson, his main protégé, as his successor as escapist, and gave Gunnarson his apparatus.

Wrote The Magic of Uri Geller (1975, 308pp), Houdini (1976, 191pp, with Bert Sugar), Flim-Flam! (1980, 340pp), The Truth about Uri Geller (1982), Test Your ESP Potential (1983), The Faith Healers (1987, 314pp), The Amazing Randi's World of Magic (1989), The Mask of Nostradamus (1990), and Conjuring (1992, 314pp). Tricks in Hugard's Magic Monthly, Ibidem, Swami, Chronicles, etc. Many TV bits and specials. 2 audios.

Coauthors: Martin Gardner

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James Randi

James Randi Exposes Uri Geller by James RandiThe most unusual recording in Breese's audio series. How many years has Uri Geller been on the scene? How come his reputation still lives on? The first part of this recording is devoted entirely to an expose of Uri Geller by the man who knows his secrets. Discover how James Randi can perform mind-boggling Uri Geller style mental effects under exacting conditions and live on TV. The second part is devoted to Randi's own approach to magic and escapology.

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette and MagiCD series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

2009 / 6 / 25

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James Randi

How to Present a Jail Break and other Miracles by James Randi
This is to certify that on December 4, 1974 at the Sumter County Jail, the Amazing Randi was fastened in two pair of regulation police handcuffs (double-locked) and one pair of special-issue handcuffs with pin-tumbler locks plus a pair of ratchet leg-irons, and then locked into a maximum-security jail cell. Within thirteen minutes, without assistance of any kind, Randi freed himself, walking out of the jail cell minus the handcuffs and leg-irons, all to the popular acclaim of the several people gathered at the jail. This was Randi's 28th jail break.

Randi was a great addition to our Crime...

2010 / 11 / 18

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