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Stewart Judah

Stewart Judah

(Cincinnati, Ohio: 16th February 1893 - 11th June 1966)

Stage name of Joshua Stewart. Semi-pro cardman since 1920. Charter member Queen City Mystics (Cincinnati) 1922. Voted one of the 10 living Card Stars in 1938. Voted into the New York "Inner Circle" by 1940.

Invented Transpo-Silko (by 1941), Flying Matches (by 1946), Obedient Silks (1952), and Keys of Judah (1955).

Wrote Subtle Problems You Will Do (1937, 75pp, with John Braun). Tricks in Jinx, Phoenix, New Phoenix, Talisman, Pallbearers (2 all-Judah issues), Chronicles. See John Braun (ed), The Magic World of Stewart Judah (1966, 96pp).

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The Magic World of Stewart Judah by Stewart JudahThe last book of the late Stewart Judah. A remarkably fine magician with a wealth of material, and the ability to teach it through the printed word. This ebook reflects all his favorite themes, cards, ropes, ribbons, childrens' tricks, coins, all written in his scholarly way, with reference to other sources, philosophical observations, and the gentle sweet humor that was Stewart.

35 tricks and routines, illustrated by John Braun, plus rare old photos, a profile by Leslie Guest, an introduction by Mr. Braun.

  • Introduction
  • S.J. Four Paper Balls And Two Hats Routine
  • Penetrating Bill
  • Torn...
2015 / 9 / 4
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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Pages:  1 
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