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Subtle Problems You will Do
by Stewart Judah & John Braun

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Subtle Problems You will Do by Stewart Judah & John Braun

This is a work mostly of card magic, but not exclusively so. It has some photos and some illustrations by Sid Lorraine. From the introduction by H. Adrian Smith:

Having been one of the first to read the present material, and having seen most of it presented by the authors, I can assure the reader that he is in for a treat. However, if he simply glances through the book, he may be justified when he believes that he has not received his money’s worth. This is one book that must be read with care, for it must be borne in mind that both authors are masters in the art of minute detail, and if one does not absorb the details as set down herein, he is going to miss most of the effect of the mysteries, and certainly most of the subtle artistry they possess.

  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Section I Card Magic
    • Fabricated Coincidence
    • The Name Spells The Card
    • Duo-Divination
    • The Tell-Tale Taps
    • The Astrological Card Trick
    • The Cards And The Dial
    • Another "Think Stop" Card Trick
    • Judah Monte
    • The Conjuror Cuts The Cards
    • A Curious Coincidence With Cards And Pellets
    • The Judah "Four Aces"
    • The Color Changing Pack
    • A Unique Mental Problem
    • The H. A. S. Miracle Card Location
    • The S. L. Reversed Card
  • Section II Useful Card Sleights
    • The S. J. Color Change
    • The "Flop-Over" Card Sleight
  • Section III About Card Fans
    • Sidelights On The Giant Fan
    • "Spotting" The Blank Pack
    • Suggested Patter For "Spotting" The Blank Pack
  • Section IV Miscellaneous Problems
    • The Color Cards Change Places
    • The Magician Reads The Ads
    • The Wand From The Purse
    • An Opening Combination
    • The Matches, The Silk, And Poof!
    • Puffed Rice, A Hank, And A Cone
    • The Misdirection Hat Load
    • The Spirit Knot Again
    • A "Switch" For Silks
  • Appendix False Shuffles And False Cuts
    • The False Overhand Shuffle
    • False Overhand Shuffle For Retaining Order Of Entire Pack
    • Riffle Or Dovetail Shuffle For Retaining Order Of Entire Pack
    • False Cuts
    • Triple Cut To Retain Entire Pack
    • The "Slip Cut" As A Blind Cut
    • L'envoi

1st edition 1937, 75 pages; PDF 66 pages.
word count: 26696 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text