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John Carey

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John Carey
Dice Telepathy by John Carey

I am delighted to announce the release of my new ebook Dice Telepathy. In effect, 4 different colored dice are displayed and mixed by a spectator while your back is turned. They then place a dice in their left pocket, their right pocket and hold the other two dice one in each closed hand. The mentalist then turns back around and amazingly divines which dice is where. It's as clean as that. No gimmicks, gaffs or trained hamsters are used in this miracle class effect.

Inspired by the work of two legends, Karl Fulves and Bob Hummer, Dice Telepathy is the perfect 'one and done' effect where you really want to create...

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John Carey
The Cross Cut Code by John Carey

Routines with the classic cross cut force.

The Cross Cut Code is devoted entirely to the classic cross cut force, with some deadly variations and packed out with some great routines which showcase them. Seven of the routines are unpublished items from John Carey and some superb material from his great friends Cameron Francis, Mike Breggar, Michael Kaminskas, Harrison Trusler, Sean Devine, Jon Racherbaumer and John Gordon.

  • You and Me!
  • Casino Cross Cut
  • Dribble CCF!
  • Carey varies Bannon
  • Cross Cut Do As I Do
  • Subtle CCF
  • Aces A Plenty
  • Crossed Biddle
  • For Bannon!
  • Face- up Fake- out X- force
  • Cross-Cut Nuance
  • Let...
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John Carey
Crafted with Carey by John Carey

This ebook with photo illustrations is a treasure trove of to-the-point card effects, plus a little coin magic included for good measure. There are premium effects chosen from John's DVDs and earlier booklets, as well as new material and effects from some of John's friends including Peter Duffie and John Bannon. In fact, in his foreword to the book, John Bannon said of John Carey's creations: "I pay attention to his work, follow it, enjoy it, and often find bits of inspired thinking I'll incorporate in my own work. I'd bet that you'd reach the same conclusion."

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • 1 Deck Do As I Do
  • A Little...
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John Carey
The Very Best of John Carey by John Carey

John's publications, such as Crafted With Carey, Minimalistica, The Carey Files, Carey's Way, Me My Cards & I, Reflections and Myriad, are renowned for their fun, accessible, exciting magic, and John has built a reputation for creating streamlined doable effects. In this ebook, he gathers together the absolute best of his much-loved books. In addition to these classic effects, the collection also features a range of video instructions scattered throughout the text, including several new effects that have never been taught before. The ebook also includes two of John's well-reviewed Alakazam...

★★★★★ $30
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)