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Ken Brooke and Friends
by Derek Lever


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Ken Brooke and Friends by Derek Lever

This ebook is filled with classic routines and effects performed by Ken Brooke.

From the introduction:

He was a rare magician, born with a wonderful sense of humour, good looking, with the 'gift of the gab' tinged with a Yorkshire accent that was his trademark. A quick mind, which could retain much information and a sharp and ready wit enabled him to climb up the magical ladder in leaps and bounds.

Of course many would say that Ken was blunt to the point of rudeness, pig-headed, short-tempered and a very difficult man to get on with.

They would be right! He almost certainly did have all those faults, but he was also a kind and generous man who jealously guarded and protected his friends and those he cared for.

If I was asked to use just two words to describe Ken it would be 'DEDICATION' and 'RESPECT'. He dedicated most of his life to the art of magic - for, it should be said, very little reward in financial terms. The hours spent labouring over a move to iron out the snags, the days spent making fake cards and special packs …. was it really worth it? Ken's answer would have been a resounding 'Yes'. But his Bank Manager and Doctor would almost certainly say 'No'.

He earned the respect of magicians throughout the world by his honesty and ability and by not being afraid to speak his mind.

1st edition 1986, 1st digital edition 2013, 318 pages.

Table of Contents



  2. Ken Brooke The Early Days
  3. The Early Years
  4. Beer from a Balloon
  5. Dennelson's Ridiculous Rupert
  6. Robbery on 5th Avenue
  7. Robot Three Shell Game
  8. "The Return to Karnak"
  9. Mind Your Mind
  10. The Monkey Tells
  11. Diddle the Gaffer
  12. Alan Milan's Topper Tray
  13. Alan Milan's Your Selection
  14. Benson Dulay's Spin-a-Dart
  15. Rope Miracle
  16. Spot Sticks
  17. Passing Coins Through a Spectator's Hand
  18. The Three Card Trick
  19. The Note Under Cup
  20. Egg & Bag Routine
  21. Nudist Pack
  22. Card to Pocket
  23. The Gipsy Necklace
  24. Flim Flam
  25. Jumbo Crazy Cards
  26. Trigon 19
  27. Trigon Twin
  28. A Rope, A Ring & A Hat
  29. Repeat Rope Trick
  30. Diddle the Middle
  31. The Endless Chain
  32. Impossible
  33. The Enchanted Bottle & Rope
  34. Ju-Ju Stick
  35. Ring off Wand
  36. Amazing Ring
  37. Ring off the String

    PART TWO Ken Brooke and Comedy

  38. The Ken Brooke Sense of Humour

    PART THREE Ken Brooke's Favourite Card Magic

  39. The Repeat Joker Trick
  40. Magnet Card
  41. Think of a Card
  42. Comedy Cards Across
  43. The Miracle Speller
  44. Double Climax
  45. The Jumping Jack

    PART FOUR Ken Goes Mental

  46. Magazine Test
  47. Psychic Vision Newspaper Test
  48. The Himber Wallet
  49. Telephone Directory Divination

    PART FIVE The Ken Brooke Stage and Cabaret Act

  50. The Dancing Cane
  51. Ken's Crazy Kard
  52. Chase the Ace
  53. Visual Gags
  54. The Chinese Rings
  55. The Slydini Rope Trick
  56. The Colour Changing Silk
  57. Paper Balls Over the Head
  58. The Passe Passe Bottles

    PART SIX The Friends

  59. The Flaming Matchbox
  60. The Pound Note Counting Routine
  61. Ken Brooke
  62. Sweet Silver
  63. Easy, Easy Mindreading
  64. Ken Brooke by Wayne Dobson
  65. Extravaganza
  66. Obliteration
  67. Arthur Day
  68. My Friend Ken Brooke
  69. Audition
  70. Cover Up
  71. Ken Brooke by Andrew Galloway
  72. Smash Vanish
  73. Paul Green
  74. Left Handed Card To Wallet For Right Handers
  75. Coins through a Book
  76. On the Level
  77. Compere Gags
  78. Ken and the Compass
  79. "M1" Traffic Road Sign
  80. Absolutely Impossible
  81. Ken Brooke by Roy Johnson
  82. Champion
  83. Comedy Routine for Dippy Duck
  84. Mental Mania
  85. Ken Brooke by Simon Lovell
  86. Credit Card by Bob Ostin
  87. Ken Brooke by Johnny Paul
  88. My Torn & Restored Card Trick
  89. Roth's Brand New Card in Wallet
  90. Smash Glass
  91. Comedy Handkerchief
  92. Knickers to the Egg Bag
  93. Confabulation Plus


word count: 118685 which is equivalent to 474 standard pages of text