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King Koko: A Conjuring Entertainment in the Form of a Fairy Tale
by Professor Hoffmann

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King Koko: A Conjuring Entertainment in the Form of a Fairy Tale by Professor Hoffmann

King Koko is a satirical performance piece, written for the stage by the one and only Professor Hoffmann.

Your audiences will love this amusing farce about a colorful King, his beautiful daughter, her fairy godmother, and the two suitors that are trying to win her hand in marriage. Along the way, 20 magical illusions are performed that add to the enchanting tale.

The effects are taught in Hoffmann's clear, concise style with twenty-seven illustrations.

From the Introduction by B.W. McCarron:

"The tale that you are about to experience has a charm and magic about it that is equal to that of a Disney production. In my mind's eye, I cannot help but draw inspiration from modern day classics such as "Aladdin" or "Frozen." There are larger-than-life characters: heroes, villains, and a charmingly sweet helper. There is prestidigitation, comedy and a sinister plot. As you read the first chapter of Hoffmann's tale, see if your mind doesn't conjure up its own colorful cast and settings from the descriptions he provides.

With a little imagination, costuming, lighting, music, dance, and graceful movements, a production company will be able to transport their audience to a land of make-believe where anything is possible. Indeed, a local magician's club could produce an outstanding stage show suitable for public performance. By the same token, a theatrical troupe could do likewise, and possibly work up an award-winning adaptation that would do Hoffmann proud."

Expanded reprint of the 1904 Chatlo & Windus edition. PDF 121 pages.
word count: 27995 which is equivalent to 111 standard pages of text