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Latest Conjuring

by Will Goldston
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Latest Conjuring by Will Goldston

This is an early publication by Will Goldston. It is a kind of smorgasbord of tricks, illusions, apparatus, hand shadows, plays, and advertisements for his Gamage Ltd.

    • Latest Method For Performing Soup Plate And Handkerchief Trick
    • The Egg, Card, And Wand Balance
    • A Novel Trick
    • A Good Slate Trick
    • The Wine Bottle And Card Trick
    • The Latest Pip Card Trick
    • A Neat Handkerchief Trick
    • Mystic Canteen And Birdcage
    • The Egg And Straw Balance
    • Handkerchief Spinning Trick
    • The Table Lifting
    • A New Slate Trick
    • Slate Writing
    • Twenty-Five Balloons Produced From A Hat
    • Rifle And Handkerchief Trick
    • An Effective Handkerchief Trick
    • Vanished Handkerchief Produced Dry From A Glass Of Wine
    • The Improved Servante Tray
    • The Hypnotised Wand
    • Gamage's Improved Thumb Tie
    • The Gamage Card And Die Illusion
    • The Vanishing Canaries And Cage Trick
    • Another Canary Cage
    • Wonderful Walking Egg
    • New Handkerchiefs Produced From Glass
    • The "Gamage" Duck Cylinder
    • Tao-Li-Tao
    • The Gamage Candle And Mystic Bouquet
    • Marvellous Production From An Empty Hat
    • The Vest Servante
    • The Wonderful Vanishing Die Box
    • Improved Vanishing Glass Tumbler
    • Lifting A Bowl Of Water
    • The Celebrated Chinese Egg Bag Trick
    • Card And Bouquet Illusion
    • Billiard Balls And Cue
    • A Good Glass Bowl Trick
    • The Secret Of Paper Tearing Trick
    • The Improved Goldfish Illusion
    • The Goldston-Downs Bottle Illusion
    • The Talking Skull
    • The Stroubeika Illusion
    • Famous Ducks And Tub Illusion
    • The Wonderful Lady And Scale Illusion
    • Improved Vanishing Lady And Cage Illusion
    • The "Gamage" Flower Table
    • The Sudden Appearance Of A Lady In An Empty Box
    • The Mysterious Head Illusion
    • An Instantaneous Exchange
    • The "Gamage" Cage Illusion
    • The Laurie Cabinet Illusion
    • The Hewes Levitation
    • A Great Levitation
    • The Marvellous Clock Dial
    • Silent Second-Sight Act
    • The Ball And Plank Mystery
    • The Pillory Illusion
    • All About The Magic Kettle
    • The Great Magic Kettle Act
    • The Magic Kettle To Hold Liquor
    • The Mystic Kettle
    • A Handcuff Trick For Test Work
    • Sack Trick
    • The Mokana Shoe
    • Latest And Best Fakes To Open Regulation Handcuffs And Leg-Irons
    • The Celebrated Trick Collar And Bolt
    • The Rope Trick
    • How To Fake Ordinary Handcuffs
    • The Goldston Packing Case
    • The Escape From A Tin Or Iron Trunk
    • The Barrel Illusion
    • Improved Iron Cage
    • The Improved Packing Case Mystery
    • The Fairy Handcuff King
    • Hand Shadows And How To Work Them
    • The Nulite Shadow Gas Lamp And Stand
    • The Nulite Acetylene Shadow Lamp
    • Newest Shadow Apparatus
    • Shadows Without Apparatus
    • Shadows With Apparatus
    • A Laughable Picture
    • Ally Sloper Having A Shirker
    • Mr. And Mrs. Lockshen
    • Farmer Hayseed With Pipe
    • Woman Tasting Soup
    • Chef And Frying Pan
    • The Miser
1st edition 1905, 148 pages; PDF 108 pages.
word count: 26338 which is equivalent to 105 standard pages of text
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