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Lecture Book 2009
by David Gemmell


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Lecture Book 2009 by David Gemmell

You probably have not heard the name David Gemmell, unless perhaps you are living in Wales. But I am sure you will hear a lot more about him. David is a 30 year veteran of card magic. Over the last five years he has developed some wonderful routines which he has - to the benefit of all of us - decided to share.

No other than Peter Duffie wrote the foreword. Peter writes:

"When I think of card magic and Wales, three names immediately spring to mind: Cardini, Trevor Lewis and Rovi (the Welsh Wizard). After reading this ebook, you may wish to add David Gemmell to this list. ... In this ebook David visits many familiar plots, including; Collectors, transpositions, Ace routines, sandwich transpo, Ambitious Card, Hofzinser Card Problem, and so on. Due to care in construction, difficult and unnecessary moves have been eliminated, and the most direct route has been taken almost every time."

1st edition 2009; 42 pages.

  1. All That Jazz: The 4 Aces transpose with 4 black spot cards with a surprise ending.

  2. Sandwich for Three: Two "sandwich" cards are placed to one side before the action begins. 3 spectators each pick a card that is lost in the deck, the sandwich cards are placed in the deck at separate places, they come together to trap the first selection, which magically changes one at a time to the other two selections.

  3. Double Trouble: The 4 Queens are placed to one side as you offer to have 2 cards selected, these go through a series of "Ambitious moments" as they rise from the centre of the deck several times, and for the climax you place the 4 Queens face up on top of the deck, give it one cut and spread it out to show that they have magically separated out to sandwich the selections at either end of the spread!

  4. Birds of a Feather Collect together: The magician places four cards face down to one side before the trick begins, having the spectator shuffle the rest of the talon. Taking the deck back, the deck is spread between the hands for four cards to be touched, these are out jogged from the spread as they are indicated by the spectators. The spread is closed and the out jogged selections are stripped out and shown to the audience before being cleanly place back into the deck at different positions leaving the deck squared. The four cards that were placed to one side before the selection process are now shown, they are the four Queens, the deck is tabled and cut into four piles, each pile has one of the Queens placed on top of it, and after a magical gesture, they are shown to have flown / collected together on the last pile on the right. Not only that, but the four piles that the spectator cut, are now topped each with one of the four selections!

  5. Pink transposition: A transposition of two cards each sandwiched face down between two kings of the same colour.

  6. Pink transposition 2: Same as the Pink Transposition, but with a bizarre twisted climax.

  7. Greatest Cardician in the World: A card is peeked at, and the spectator is asked not to forget it, and we'll come back to it later, the magician proceeds with his favourite 4 Ace trick with the surprise ending of not just the selection making an appearance but its mates too.

  8. Hofzinser's Push-through Failure: A chosen card is lost in the deck, the four kings are shown one-at-a-time, and cut face-up into one half of the deck that is face-down. The other half of the deck is shown, saying that the selection "could" be there, [?] the two halves are turned over so that one is face-up, and the other face-down, now they are riffle shuffled together, but at an angle, so that the halves may be pushed through each other and pulled apart on the opposite sides, the halves are now spread, to show that one of the Kings is now face down, and a unknown (at this point) card has turned over in the other half. The king that is now face-down matches in suit to the selection, this tell the magician and the spectator the suit of the selection, and makes them wonder if the face-down card in the other half is indeed the selection. Low-and-behold, a magical transposition has occurred, and the lone face-down card is the King, and the face-down card with the Kings, is well, you guessed it, the selection!

  9. Sloppy for Two: This is the Famous Slop shuffle card trick done for two spectators. The cards are mixed face up and face down in a very messy sloppy manner, but our hero, the Magic man sorts things in a jiffy and the deck is shown to have righted itself with the exception of the two selections which are face up in the face down spread.

  10. Scarne's Two card Hustle: Two cards are laid face-down, unseen to one side before the action begins, after the deck has been mixed by your trusting audience, two people take a peek at a card as the deck is riffled in front of their eyes, they lock these random cards deep into their minds-eye! Now the fun begins, the two cards place to one side unseen are now shown to be the Ace of Spades & the King of Diamonds, the Ace is placed on a persons palm (face down) and a glass is placed on top of it, protecting it from any sleight of hand (...yeah right...) and the red King is placeed face down on top of the glass' rim. With a magical gesture the two cards change places, you show now that the Ace is on top of the glass, this is replaced saying that you'll make them change back, but in a surprise twist, you spread the deck out to show both the Ace and King face up in the face down deck, and the two cards on top and under the glass...the two selections!

  11. Mr Smith goes Collecting ala Hoy: The four Queens are removed from the pack, and placed to one side, three spectators each touch a card in the deck, and these are removed and shown, they are very cleanly placed back into the pack, where upon they magically appear sandwiched face down interlaced with the face up Queens.

  12. Until next time

word count: 12070 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Lance Bowen
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 04 May, 2009

Brilliant idea's and REAL HARD hitting card magic. Absolutely superb my friend.