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David Gemmell

David Gemmell

Born in 1965, David's interest in Magic began at an early age, developing into a serious interest in his teen years. David was lucky enough to meet magician Harold Morton who sponsored him to join the Portsmouth Magic Circle on his 16th birthday. In his time as a member David has twice been President, and served on the committee for many years helping anybody who needed it.

David was the Twice winner of the now defunct Southern England Close-up Magic competition, the only person to do this. David has lectured to magicians and performed at various conventions for the last 15 years.

David currently lives with partner Clare a professional singer, and between them they have seven children and are living in Wales. Magic is his life and he performs both for the public and magicians throughout the year. Thanks to his wife and many of his close friends, David has decided to put some of his card work on the record.

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David Gemmell
Unfinished by David Gemmell

A small collection of ideas and variations with the pasteboards.

Its been a while since David Gemmell has put anything out. His life has taken a strange turn for the better, and other interests have held his attention for quite some time now. What follows is a small and possibly incomplete collection of ideas and variations on classic themes that have held him captive for many years and these are the latest handling’s that he uses.

No pictures this time, just words, ideas, pathways, and references where possible.

1st edition 2011; 29 pages.

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David Gemmell
The Journey Continues by David Gemmell

David continues his journey with the pasteboards with a special interest in the classics of card magic. 16 tried and tested effects.

  • My Two Card Reverse: The same as Gibson's Two Card Reverse, but performed in the hands and with the deck in two portions, each selection magically reversing whilst separate.
  • Almost Open: An unusual handling for the classic Open Prediction effect.
  • Triumphant Card to Box: This is a combination of the classic triumph and card to box with two selections.
  • Miller Lite...? A take on the classic Charlie Miller effect The Dunbury Delusion.
  • Do that Again...! A super quick transposition...
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David Gemmell
Readers Notes: card and coin readings for entertainment by David Gemmell

This ebook is aimed at giving psychic readings for entertainment using normal playing cards or coins which can be borrowed. We begin with a simple but effective card reading system that can be used in a very short time to give quite insightful readings. You are led through various advanced techniques which provide even greater depth and meaning for the client.

The coin readings mostly follow an impromptu approach to the point of borrowing the coins used for the reading. This of course provides an almost perfect hook. We finish with an impromptu method for the I-Ching which once mastered (in...

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David Gemmell
Pasteboard Paradise by David Gemmell

David Gemmell spans with this publication the range from near self-working effects to very tough sleight-of-hand routines.

1st edition 2009; 78 pages.

  1. Collins, Marlo & Lewis four ace routine
  2. OMG Collectors
  3. Queens Supreme
  4. A Bite on the Side...
  5. Card to Box
  6. Conspiracy #23
  7. #23 revisited
  8. ESP #23
  9. Inspired By Howard Adams
  10. 36
  11. Dr. Evil or Dr. Fun?
  12. Twenty-1
  13. EZ Match up
  14. Remembering Stewart James
  15. 485
  16. Lucky seven
  17. Three Wishes
  18. AdamsmadA
  19. Monge E-deal
  20. Sandwich Down-Under
  21. Ladies on Top
  22. The Unexpected Triumph
  24. Donna's Birthday Card Trick
  25. Gilbreath meets Hummer
  26. What the .....?
  27. Reflections from Beyond ...
★★★★★ $25
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David Gemmell
Mag-Acidus by David Gemmell

A sinister workhorse billet combination of Al Mann's Mag-Eye move and Millard Longman's Acidus Novus.

From the introduction:

They say there is nothing new under the sun, this is no exception. Without any hype, this is just a very good combination of techniques that I almost fell over one day when reviewing some billet and centre tear moves. Unlike many mentalists, I am not blessed with the skin type that allows for the type of peek or tear that requires a squeezing action like the brilliant Osterlind centre tear.

I was drawn to peeks such as the Scatter-thought tear, the Barfly billet,...

★★★★★ $20
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David Gemmell
Pasteboard Adventures by David Gemmell

A collection of routines from David Gemmell's working repertoir. Difficulty varies from effect to effect and is in the reach of most magician.

From the introduction by Jon Racherbaumer:

A few years ago Eugene Burger introduced a useful phrase to Cardopia—one that partially describes what passionate card guys do on a regular basis: to overly indulge themselves in the "antics of the pasteboards." Antics is the apt word because it evokes other defining words: playful, fantastic, theatrical, whimsical…

Those who memorialize their personal "antics" realize the nature of their acts. They take notes....

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David Gemmell
Open Ended: A monograph on the open prediction by David Gemmell

This is a collection of solutions to the famous 'open prediction' problem posed by Paul Curry.

From the introduction by Marc Paul:

Ever since Paul Curry first posed his now famous card problem magicians have sweated over the idea of creating the perfect Open Prediction. It seems that the first published solution appeared in Phoenix magazine (December 1949) in a letter from Gerald Kosky to Bruce Elliott. Since then the list of people who have offered ideas and solutions is huge and includes the likes of Marlo, Dai Vernon, Bill Simon, Martin Gardner, Peter Warlock, Francis Haxton, to name but a few, and of course Stewart James and his infamous...

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David Gemmell
51 for Two by David Gemmell

This is David Gemmell's solution to the classic Paul Curry/Stewart James card problem "51 Faces North".

History of the card problem:

  • Paul Curry conceived the idea for this effect sometime in the 1940's. At the time he had no workable method for achieving the effect.
  • Ed Marlo got wind of this sometime in 1949 and published a method in the Cardician 1953.
  • Stewart James and Howard Lyons corresponded on this subject in 1953.
  • Stewart James contributed several methods to Ibidem in the early years of its run. This is where Stewart James first laid down the (almost) impossible conditions for the effect dubbing his idea as "51 Faces North".
  • Jon Racherbaumer launched the Hierophant...
★★★★★ $12
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David Gemmell
Lecture Book 2009 by David Gemmell

You probably have not heard the name David Gemmell, unless perhaps you are living in Wales. But I am sure you will hear a lot more about him. David is a 30 year veteran of card magic. Over the last five years he has developed some wonderful routines which he has - to the benefit of all of us - decided to share.

No other than Peter Duffie wrote the foreword. Peter writes:

"When I think of card magic and Wales, three names immediately spring to mind: Cardini, Trevor Lewis and Rovi (the Welsh Wizard). After reading this ebook, you may wish to add David Gemmell to this list. ... In this ebook David visits...

★★★★★ $20
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)