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Lend Me Your Pack
by Victor Farelli

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Lend Me Your Pack by Victor Farelli

Novel experiments with borrowed cards.

Excerpt from the foreword by Edward Bagshawe:

Although Mr. Farelli has written comparatively little on conjuring—probably under 100,000 words—it may safely be said that his name has become known to magicians all over the English-speaking world. This can be attributed to the exceptional value of the material he has contributed to Magical Literature, and also to the thorough practicability of the effects and methods he has dealt with.

In the present book he has devoted himself to the explanation of effects, all of which can be performed with a borrowed pack, and that such effects are popular and acceptable everywhere, the reader will not need reminding. All the items in the book have been clearly explained with photographs where necessary, and any one of the effects will well repay the magician who adds it to his programme of card magic.

  • Foreword
  • For Artists Only
  • Five Points
  • Part One
    • Chapter I
      • "Culling"
      • Reversing The Bottom Card
      • The "Lindahl" Method
    • Chapter II
      • Do As I Do
      • An Alternative Conclusion
      • "Glimpsing"
    • Chapter III: Three Sevens
    • Chapter IV: Arithmetical Magic
    • Chapter V: El Naipe Y La Corbata
    • Chapter VI: Pencil And Pack
  • Part Two
    • Almost In Confidence
    • Chapter VII: Poker And Brag
    • Chapter VIII: The Harrison Deal
    • Chapter IX: Poker Face
    • Chapter X
      • The Mystic Eight
      • Alternative Method Of Working
    • Chapter XI
      • Controlled Coincidence
      • The Latest Method
      • A Rapid Routine
    • Chapter XII: Loo Lung Or The Chinese Coin
    • Appendix
      • The Double Card Turnover
      • The "Conus" Method

1st edition 1936, 48 pages; PDF 66 pages.
word count: 22530 which is equivalent to 90 standard pages of text